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Semaglutide is a GLP-1 agonist that has been used to help patients control their blood sugar with type 2 diabetes. The FDA recently added an additional indication on the drug, allowing it to help patients battling chronic weight management.

Yes, we only compound from FDA approved medications. This is extremely important as many generic versions of Semaglutide are made from Semaglutide Salts, which have not been approved for human consumption by the FDA and could be dangerous.

Besides the obvious benefit of not having to use a needle, taking a daily sublingual drop removes the peaks and valleys in your system that you get from a weekly injection, leading to more consistent results with fewer side effects. 

We have compounded our Semaglutide into easy to take sublingual (under the tongue) drops. You simply hold the liquid under your tongue for 1 minute and your blood vessels will absorb the medication directly into your blood stream.

Most of our patients do not experience side effects due to taking a lower dosage daily. However, the most common side effects of Semaglutide are Nausea, Diarrhea, Dizziness, & Fatigue. 

Yes, Semaglutide is only available with a prescription. All of our doctor visits to obtain a prescription are complimentary.

During your free Telemedicine appt, a physician will review your specific medical history, current medications, and other health-related information to ensure that Weight Drops is safe to take & will help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

We currently do not accept insurance, all services are self-pay.

Our main office and pharmacy are in Nashville TN, but we are able to service the whole United States with our convenient mail order discreet delivery.


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