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Youthful-Looking Eyes Is Easy With These 4 Celebrity Expert Quick Tips

The key to maintaining youthful-looking eyes is prevention, so the sooner you start incorporating these natural remedies to your beauty routine, the better. The skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, so it needs more regular maintenance.

Instead of investing hundreds into the latest chemical cream, try these surprisingly effective natural remedies and tips, instead. They’ll help tone and tighten those dropping eyes without adding a single chemical to your skin.

This first tip has been a Hollywood secret for generations. If you’re dealing with puffiness and need to tighten that eye area quickly, grab a handful of ice cubes and wrap them in a napkin or handkerchief. Then simply press the ice pack against your eye sockets for 20 minutes, moving it slightly whenever the skin gets too cold.

“It’s magical, I challenge you to try it. You will feel completely renewed,” said celebrity makeup artist Claudia Betancur.

Youthful-looking eyes is all about hydration

The second tip is a simple eye-area massage, which you can do right after the ice pack. Use the smaller part of a rose quartz or jade face roller — its cooling sensation will calm down inflammation, drain out congestion and promote collagen activation.

Give your eyes a mini spa treatment as you begin around the eyebrow area in a linear movement and roll upwards gently. This treatment is key to restoring skin elasticity and simulating a skin lifting effect.

This next little eye hack will certainly surprise you. Maybe you’ve seen cucumbers over the eyes for a cooling sensation at the spa, but have you ever tried slices of potato? Believe me later if you must; but the enzyme properties in potatoes help tighten and depuff the eye area. They also combat inflammation, promote elasticity, erase wrinkles, and lighten dark circles.

The last tip is less of a treatment and more just good advice. Since eye-area moisture is always the most important piece of good skin health, you always want to avoid anything too heavy that will dehydrate the eyes. Skip the heavy powder and instead apply concealer towards the end of the makeup routine for a more natural look.

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