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You Never Have To Start Another Fad Diet Again

American dieting culture has become an endless cycle of restrictions, instability, and negative side effects. Even when weight loss is achieved, many people notice they’ve also lost muscle. Or they’ve lost fat in the few places they’d prefer actually remain curvy. Then, their metabolism is often wrecked from the caloric shortages, and the only way to maintain the new low weight is to eat even fewer calories than they ate on the initial diet.

It’s a cruel cycle and it needs to end. What’s worse is that the entire fitness industry profits off of the yo-yo dieting, so there’s very little incentive to evolve.

The answer has nothing to do with will-power, but rather healing and education. Every body is different, and thus each person will need a slightly different approach. But everybody can do two things immediately to begin a safer, healthier weight loss journey: heal their imbalances (often hormonal) and increase their metabolism. That way, the body is naturally burning calories all day long.

Here are 3 reasons most diets eventually fail, and how we can use that information to succeed

First, many people try to control their appetite (eat less) by restricting calories, and then adding small sugary foods as snacks to keep them alert in-between meals. Caloric restriction will lead to weight loss, yes, but at what cost?

During starvation, the metabolism actually slows to a crawl in order to preserve energy. Furthermore, not all calories are created equal; so the prepackaged, ready-to-eat snacks in-between meals will actually spike insulin and cause those few calories you’ve ingested to go straight into your belly fat — even while otherwise starving yourself.

A cruel cycle, indeed.

Second, many dieters confuse “high-fat” foods for “foods that make you fat.” And make no mistake, introducing the term “low fat” as a pejorative into the American dietary lexicon was very intentional, given the profitability of processed carbs on supermarket shelves.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that nearly 3/4 American adults are considered overweight or obese — they’ve eaten a diet of readily-available carbohydrates all of their lives while avoiding healthy, delicious fats. Good fats actually help us feel fuller quicker, while also providing a wide range of health benefits from muscle development to lower blood pressure. Good fats also trigger a greater metabolic response than carbs, meaning we can actually eat more calories and still lose weight.

Lastly, some dieters are simply set up for failure before the diet even begins, due to personal health issues that require specialized oversight.

Some examples of health issues that need to be addressed if a diet is to be successful include: food allergies, toxicity levels from toxic household products, and gut problems.

All of these issues are specific to the individual and are best managed under the care of a professional. Without a longterm plan in place to clean up toxicity and fix the gut microbiome (plus lay out a winning meal plan strategy, as well), chances for long-term success are slim.

Do you think Hollywood actors, bodybuilders, or runway models stay in peak physical shape without help? Absolutely not. There’s too much on the line to risk mediocrity. And the process is too complex not to have someone in their corner, helping coordinate all the details of the weight-loss journey.

Lifestyle diets may restrict calories sometimes, but they also change your relationship with food forever

That’s where Dr. Noel Abood and Dan LeMoine come in with their revolutionary new weight loss and mentorship program, re:vitalize, which they’ve fully outlined in their hit book, Fear No Food.

In Fear No Food, an Amazon #1 bestseller, Noel and Dan introduce us to their custom weight loss plan that identifies our nutritional needs, fixes our metabolism, and helps us maintain a healthier lifestyle. Packed with inspirational stories, this book helps us target imbalances so we can normalize our metabolisms and make lasting lifestyle changes.

It’s the holy grail of health and wellness: a weight loss program based in science and technology that helps remove the guesswork from getting—and staying—healthy, forever.

Take the first step toward better health and check out this blueprint for long-term success. The re:vitalize method is the key to personal empowerment (and avoiding failure) that we’ve all been looking for in our diets.

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