Woman Regains Eyesight After Rare Disease Left Her Blind As a Teen, Says Husband ‘Is More Handsome Than I Imagined’

A New Mexico woman can now see her husband’s face for the first time, thanks to a life-changing surgery that helped her regain her eyesight.

In May 2017, Sophia Corah, who was 18 at the time, woke up to discover that she’d lost her vision. Within three months she was declared legally blind, and shortly thereafter doctors diagnosed her with a rare disease called keratoconus.

It’s a disease that “occurs when the cornea … thins and gradually bulges outward into a cone shape,” and often requires a cornea transplant, according to the Mayo Clinic. Little did Sophia know that she’d one day get that surgery…with the help of a very special friend.

A year after her diagnosis, Sophia went to college and met Christian Corah. They became fast friends, and even though Sophia couldn’t see him, she knew there was a connection. Christian would help his friend raise around $20,000 for the eye surgery she needed to regain her vision.

“My vision slowly started coming back, but it was very gradual while I healed,” said Sophia. Christian was by her side the entire time, and the two fell in love, even though Sophia could not see her future husband.

Christian and Sophia Corah. BRANDON BASARA | @OBRANDINO

As her eyes healed, Sophia finally got to lay eyes her beau for the first time. “I could see how handsome he was — he had a gorgeous smile,” Sophia reflected. “I knew I’d fallen for him and had to tell him how I felt.”

She also made sure to point out that it didn’t matter what he looked like — she had already fallen in love with him. “But it was very nice to properly see his face after all this time,” Sophia added. “He was even more handsome than I could have imagined.”

The pair eventually married in summer of 2021, concluding a journey that’s been magical, heartbreaking, and “amazing,” according to Sophia.

“Christian was there for me in the toughest times of my life and supported me and made me feel so special,” Sophia said. “It brought us so close together.”

Christian agrees, professing that he was “drawn” to his future wife from the moment they met. “She was such a fighter,” he shared.

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