Cell Cultured Chicken Is Coming To Shelves Near You

Moving on to the latest and greatest in the world of fake meats: cell cultured chicken is on the horizon.

Newly rebranded company, Upside Meats, is hoping to have their cell cultured chicken on shelves in the U.S sometime this year, although according to this article, that timeline seems unlikely.

Either way, this new edition of fake, synthesized meat is on its way and it is important that we all remain aware of two things.

Thing one: synthesizing meat in a petri dish at a lab is weird. In what is obviously not a natural process, there will inevitably be chemicals and processes used that may have health implications we may not be aware of for decades to come.

Thing two: synthesizing lab meat isn’t helping us solve one of the biggest issues facing our planet today. Raising animals as nature intended, on real land, benefits our soil and our planet. Lab meat benefits the brands that make the lab meats and their patent holders.

Cell cultured anything is going to be a no for me, regardless of when it hits shelves in stores.

What do you think?

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