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‘Unethical’: Top University Research Scientists Call For End To Vaccine Mandates

A team of nine experts from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and other universities just published narrative-redefining research regarding the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines. They also didn’t mince words about college students being mandated to take vaccines: it’s “ethically unjustifiable.”

The study was posted on The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) in September, titled, COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities.

Other contributors hailed from University of Washington, University of Oxford, University of Toronto, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Using adverse-event data from the CDC, researchers concluded that booster regulations likely lead to more harm than good. Of course, many university attendees have been told that they must be vaccinated to enroll; or that they must be up-to-date on multiple boosters.

Currently, just 15 states offer exemptions for personal beliefs (44 states offer religious exemptions), but private universities do not have to adhere to these state laws. There have also been reports of schools scrutinizing medical records with their own private medical teams, and denying exemptions without explanation.

The research team offered five specific reasons for their claim that vaccine mandates are unethical

1) Lack of policymaking transparency. The scientists noted that no formal and scientifically rigorous risk-benefit analysis of whether boosters are helpful in preventing severe infections and hospitalizations exists for young adults.

2) Expected harm. A look at the currently available data shows that mandates will result in what the authors call a “net expected harm” to young people. This expected harm will exceed the potential benefit from the boosters.

3) Lack of efficacy. The vaccines haven’t effectively prevented transmission of COVID-19. Given how poorly they work—the authors call this “modest and transient effectiveness”—the expected harms caused by the boosters likely outweigh any benefits to public health.

4) No recourse for vaccine-injured young adults. Forcing vaccination as a prerequisite to attend college is especially problematic because young people injured by these vaccines likely won’t be able to receive compensation for these injuries.

5) Harm to society. Mandates, the authors insisted, ostracize unvaccinated young adults, excluding them from education and university employment opportunities. Coerced vaccination entails “major infringements to free choice of occupation and freedom of association,” the scientists wrote, especially when “mandates are not supported by a compelling public health justification.”

Expect massive lawsuits in the coming years if clinical data is never addressed

The scientific findings outline what common-sense, anecdotal evidence has been telling us for two years: the mRNA vaccines are essentially useless for young, healthy adults.

That’s not all, though. Not even close.

Scientists also found that for every one hospitalization prevented in young adults who hadn’t previously been infected with COVID-19, the data showed that 18 to 98 “serious adverse events” were also caused by the vaccinations themselves.

The madness has to end, so the authors concluded their study with a call to action: policymakers must stop mandates for young adults immediately.

“These findings have implications for mandates in other settings such as schools, corporations, healthcare systems and the military,” the study read. “Policymakers should repeal booster mandates for young adults immediately, ensure pathways to compensation to those who have suffered negative consequences from these policies, provide open access to participant-level clinical trial data to allow risk- and age-stratified harm-benefit analyses of any new vaccines prior to issuing recommendations, and begin what will be a long process of rebuilding trust in public health.”

A long process, indeed. And it only begins when the lies end.

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