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Try This 2-Ingredient Gluten Free Apple Coconut Flour Cake This Weekend

Did you know that you can make a tasty dessert with only two ingredients that is also good for your digestive tract? It’s not a miracle; it’s all thanks to coconut flour, which is just the fruit of the flesh ground dried and ground down to a powder.

As an added benefit, coconut flour is gluten free, so it won’t inflame the body the same way that wheat, barley, or rye based flours will inflame it. In fact, coconut flour can actually help fight certain types of inflammation within the body thanks to its soluble fibers which encourage the growth of good bacteria in your body.

These bacteria are responsible for producing short chain fatty acids that boost the health of your gut cells. Those acids can also be incredibly useful in reducing inflammation that causes digestive issues. Therefore, coconut flour is a great ingredient to add to your diet if you are trying to ward off inflammation.

But is it easy to cook with? You’re about to be shocked at how easy and versatile it is, actually.

Simply add a half cup of coconut flour to a cup of applesauce, spread it evenly over a baking sheet, and let chemistry take over. The flour will absorb the moisture of the applesauce and become dense like cake — no baking even required. Once the mixture has cooled in the fridge and set, you can add cream cheese frosting if you wish, or top it with some fruit, but the cake itself only requires the two ingredients.

Coconut flour is made from coconut flesh that is dried and then ground into a powder, creating a consistency very similar to flour,” says Jennifer Lee, author of 5-Minute Mug Cakes. “Coconut flour is highly absorbent which is why it works for this recipe. It will absorb a lot of the moisture from the applesauce and soften and expand, creating a cake-like texture. It also is naturally sweet so it won’t cut into the sweetness of the apple cake.”

Coconut flour is great for the gut, but so is apple sauce thanks to the soluble fiber pectin

As for the applesauce, consider taking the time to make your own from scratch — that way there’s no added sugar! The final cake product will be significantly elevated if you do decide to make your own.

“I prefer making these cake bars with homemade applesauce, but you can definitely use store bought applesauce,” Lee says. “I like using homemade because I make mine thicker and slightly chunkier, which gives these bars more apple flavor. When I used the store bought applesauce, I could still taste the apple flavor but it wasn’t as strong.”

To make your own applesauce, Lee says all you have to do is peel, core, and slice your apples, then boil the slices in water until they are very soft. Drain from water and then mash the apples by hand, in a food processor, or a blender until the applesauce reaches your desired consistency.

That’s it! No bake, two ingredient cake bites that will also help your GI tract. It’s not too good to be true — it’s just about learning how to replace less healthy ingredients that have been used for decades with more healthy, lesser known alternatives.

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