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These Are The Tricks A Famous Makeup Artist Uses To Look More Vibrant & Awake

How nice would it be to have enough time in the morning to treat yourself to a spa ritual, complete with creams, peels and maybe even a micro-current device? Unfortunately for many of us, though, “real life” often starts just seconds after opening our eyes.

So while we can’t make more hours in the day for you, we can help you better utilize the time you do have. According to makeup artist Sandy Linter (whose client roster includes legends like Diana Ross, Iman, and Christie Brinkley, among many others), you don’t need lots of steps in your morning routine to look glamorous. You just need to use the right makeup.

And did we mention Sandy is 72-years-old and still looks like she’s half her age? Keep reading to learn what the pros already know.

Brighten your look with concealer

Concealer is the obvious pick for looking more awake, but one specific part of your face needs it the most. “Use concealer as a highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes, next to the top of the nose,” she says. This will help brighten up the area and make it appear more vibrant. Just be sure to use a shade of concealer that’s lighter than your natural complexion.

Learn how to really use eyeliner

The key to vibrant eyes is to draw the attention upwards and outwards. “Do a thicker liner than usual on your upper lid, and do almost no liner at all on your lower lid,” suggests Linter. “This lifts up the [gaze of] anyone who is looking at you.”

Go for lighter eyeshadow

Linter says the strategy here is to go for lighter, neutral shades of eyeshadow because they help you look more awake. “If you are wearing eyeshadows, keep them on the softer side—don’t go for the deep browns or black,” she says. “Lighter shadows will not emphasize and darkness in the eye hollows below the eyes, which will help you avoid looking tired.”

Take it easy on the powder

Matte powder is great to combat shine, but you only need it in a few spots. “Apply powder only where you need it [to combat shine]: Across the forehead, on the sides of your nose, and your chin,” says Linter. 

Keep mascara on the top of the eye

With lashes curled upwards so the eye moves vertically, it’s time to apply some mascara. “Apply a healthy coat of mascara,” says Linter. “And don’t apply anything that will transfer to your under eye area — it will smudge and look like under-eye circles.” Also, you’ll want to find a product with a lash-separating brush that doesn’t clump. Here’s a good one to try.

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