Using Fertilizer Is Going To Hurt Your Crops During Summer Drought

Wanna work your own garden? Awesome. We are here for it. The benefits of growing your own food are well documented.

What hasn’t been as well documented are ways to mess it up. So, we got you covered!

Using a ton of fertilizer is a great way to ruin what you are working for… even if many in the conventional agriculture space missed the memo. Synthetic fertilizer that gets sprayed all over crops that eventually become our food isn’t good for our health. Do not take this step at home.

Now, most of us instinctively understand this: funky chemicals on food equals bad. However, one thing most people fail to realize is that fertilizer use has other negative consequences.

As drought and severe weather conditions become more common across the world, crops historically treated with synthetic fertilizer are being hit the hardest. This is because although fertilizer helps crops grow, it does this at the expense of the soil underneath it.

With soil depleted of nutrients and life over the years, drought is hitting these crops hard, which in turn will impact the food we have access to. This conventional agriculture thing really sucks.

Regenerative or bust moving forward! The future of our food system depends on it.

What do you think?

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