There’s No Shame In Female Hair Loss

Having a good hair day can make all the difference in the world for me when it comes to feeling my best. Vibrant, healthy locks can makes me feel vital, healthy, confident, and yes — maybe even pretty. Which is why the thought of thinning hair is especially difficult: good hair and high self-esteem are so closely linked…I know it is for me.

And have you noticed there’s much less talk about female hair loss as opposed to males? As if it is a shameful secret. I’m here to tell you thinning hair doesn’t have to leave you hanging your head in embarrassment.

In general, women and men can expect to drop between 50 and 100 hairs daily. This is perfectly natural as new hair grows in and old hair falls out in a continuing cycle.
Experts suggest you take a close look at your scalp to get an accurate read on your hair’s thickness. Look for a widening part or bald spots. Shedding more than 125 hairs a day is notable too.

If you notice excess hair loss, these could be some of the reasons

Hairstyle. From excessive heat to over-processing, stylists say this is one of the more common things they see. The fix is relatively easy. Ease up on the intense styling and give your hair a break. Consider moisturizing treatments to restore strength and alleviate dryness. A good indicator that treatment is causing thinning is when you find breakage.
Hormonal issues. Hyperthyroidism, which is an under-active thyroid, and hypothyroidism, an overactive thyroid, can both impact hair loss. The thyroid is responsible for the regulation of many bodily functions; and when it is malfunctioning, the body lets you know in weird ways.

Hormones can also fluctuate due to pregnancy and childbirth. Many moms say they loved a surge in hair growth while their estrogen was high during pregnancy. But oops, it was gone once the baby was born, and their hair began to fall out or thin after delivery.

PCOS, which is polycystic ovarian syndrome, is another major hormonal condition involving excess testosterone. It can lead to weight gain, acne and issues with hair growth. An ob-gyn is best positioned to treat PCOS.
Heredity. This is the most common cause of hair loss in both women and men. It’s a tough break from Mother Nature and your family tree.  But early diagnosis and treatment from a dermatologist is extremely helpful. There are a variety of FDA approved drugs that encourage hair growth, including minoxidil, finasteride and spironolactone. If medications aren’t your thing, specialized products might be a good option.

A few of my favorite products to deal with thinning hair

There are many topical thickening products to choose from which serve to bulk the appearance of hair. The brand Oribe offers the cult fave Maximista Thickening Spray. You can also try Garnier Mega Full Thickening lotion which can be found at grocery and drug stores. These make hair feel thicker and fuller. To cover the absence of hair, some women opt for tattooing to fill in the gap or use colored hair powders. Bumble and Bumble is my go-to. I don’t use it for hair loss, but the same aspect of spraying on tinted powder is great at covering roots in between coloring.
Finally, my “can’t-live-without” treatment is something I use proactively. Recommended by my hairstylist years ago, I take a Viviscal Professional Hair Vitamins each morning. You can only get Viviscal Pro through a licensed hair professional or medical professional. It doesn’t require a prescription though. Of all the hair vitamins on the market, this is one has long-term data behind it. Backed by 25 years of research, the company claims a proprietary marine complex keeps hair in its growth stage longer.
While thinning hair is a real issue for many women, getting to the root of the problem may help you enjoy more good hair days for years to come.

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