The FDA Has Banned Juul Vape Products, Appeal Expected

Juul vape products are being pulled from store shelves nationwide. On Thursday the FDA banned the brand’s e-cigarettes from being sold in the U.S.

Juul has been under fire for years, over concerns about marketing to kids and health risks.

Once the most popular vape products, Juul is widely viewed as fueling a surge in young adults vaping. launched in 2015, juul grew to dominate the marketplace in a few year’s time. products featured colorful packaging, removable skins and inviting flavors- all  showcased in ads designed to appeal to a young audience.

Matthew Myers, president of the campaign for tobacco-free kids praised the move saying, “if we’re going to continue to make progress in reducing youth cigarette smoking and e-cigarette smoking, this decision is a critical next step”

Doctors agree.

Just like traditional smokes, electronic cigarettes contain tar and nicotine which are highly addictive. Experts believe teens and young adults are particularly vulnerable. Instead of burning tobacco, e-cigarettes rely on a battery-powered coil to turn a liquid solution into an aerosol that is then inhaled.

Up until 2019, juul came in a variety of flavors including: mango, fruit, cucumber, creme, mint and menthol. Other companies sold compatible pods in additional fruity flavors. The FDA previously banned all juul flavors with the exception of its core: tobacco and menthol varieties.

E-cigs were once thought to be safer than smoking, but there is no evidence to support that.

Vaping is also linked to a specific type of lung damage. The CDC created a medical term for it, calling it evali. Which stands for electronic vaping associated with pulmonary illness. The condition, also known as popcorn lung, is linked to chemicals, including vitamin e acetate, that are added to e-cigs.

Juul put a statement on its company website, saying it disagrees with the decision and plans to appeal.

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