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The Best Way To ‘Ground’ Yourself Is To Walk Barefoot. Here’s The Next Best Way.

Did you know that you biologically feel better and more at ease when barefoot in the grass, in the sand, or on pretty much any natural surface? It’s not just in your head; there’s real science behind ‘grounding.’

Human beings are vibrational and electrical, meaning we hum in concert with the natural frequencies of the Earth. This rock isn’t just our home — it’s our creator and provider, and we’re naturally supposed to share an energetic connection with it.

Grounding can provide a host of cool health benefits, including an increase in red blood cells, an antioxidant boost, improved sleep/daily rhythm, reduced inflammation, and increased heart rate variability. When you stimulate the small nerves in the bottom of your feet, you can connect to the earth’s surface and bring your body back into a state of balance; reducing inflammation and driving parasympathetic nervous system response.

So while the best footwear is no footwear at all, that’s obviously not always practical, especially while traversing difficult terrain. Luckily, technology exists to bridge the gap between body and Earth.

A company called Erthe369 has developed grounding straps that allow voltage to freely flow between the body and the ground. You strap them around your shoes, and at $35, it’s one of the best and most cost-effective biohacks on the market.

The layers are superconductive, and they have large contact points suitable for all shoes and surfaces. They also contain a thermo-flex layer, so the tabs mold tightly to the sole of your shoe. Plus, they’re double layered for even more durability.

There’s really no reason not to try some sort of grounding technology in your daily life, especially if you’re not getting the natural benefits of barefoot walking for at least half an hour per day.

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