Here’s 5 Thanksgiving ‘Mocktails’ That You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free

The holiday season is upon us! Traditionally, that would mean a lot of excess booze and sugary treats. Over the past 2 years, we saw a fairly large increase in the consumption of alcohol domestically and abroad.

If you were one of the many DIY mixologists that came out of the pandemic and are now looking to pare down, I’ve got some delicious Thanksgiving-inspired ‘mocktails’ for you! 

Mocktail vs Cocktail vs Water

You may be thinking, “Why not just drink sparkling or flat water in place of booze?” Especially since mocktails and cocktails alike will contain more calories. But sometimes you just want something more festive than sparkling or still water, and the holidays are the time of year to take care of yourself.

Not to mention, drinking alcohol often also leads to poor food choices. Opting for a mocktail can help you avoid overeating during the holiday season.

Also, since our bodies process alcohol as a toxin, we must put all other functions on pause to get the alcohol out of our systems after the party. Once in a while, our bodies can handle the added stress. However, going through an entire season of drinking and eating more sugary treats, on top of the stress of finishing out Q4 can be detrimental. When you think of it like that, a mocktail or two doesn’t seem too bad in comparison.

Here’s 5 Thanksgiving Mocktails That You’ll Love

These mocktail recipes are Thanksgiving-inspired to be festive and fun for the whole family to enjoy! 

Thanksgiving Punch

All the flavors of fall in a cup! This recipe includes apple cider, pumpkin spice, fresh or frozen cranberries, and more. You could easily add alcohol to this recipe if you really wanted to, but it really doesn’t need it. 

Hot Mulled Cider 

A festive beverage you can use your slow cooker for? Yes, please. This is a staple recipe in the North East fall and winter and is probably the best comfort drink of them all. It even tops hot chocolate! Yes, I said it. The cozy flavors of apple, cinnamon, and clove are the perfect blend of sweet and spice.

Festive Cranberry Fizz

Cranberries, like apples, are the fruit of the fall and winter. This festive cranberry fizz recipe is made the night before to give time for all the flavors to meld together. One less thing to worry about on Thanksgiving, and an easy way to add some color to the Thanksgiving table! 

Salty Hot Chocolate

Speaking of classic comfort beverages, hot chocolate is at the top of the list. While hot chocolate isn’t usually alcoholic, I still want to share a delicious recipe with you! Here are a few recipes you can use to take your hot chocolate to the next level. The best part? All these recipes are low in sugar and packed with electrolytes! 

Blood Orange & Ginger Beer Spritzer

This recipe is so simple and refreshing that it may just be a great addition to your holiday rotation. All you need is ginger beer, blood orange, and thyme. It’s the perfect recipe for a southern Thanksgiving (since we’ll likely have an 80-degree Thanksgiving day here in Texas). 

If you try any of these mocktails this holiday season, be sure to take a picture and tag us on Instagram at @247Healthmedia

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