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Skateboarder Tony Hawk: Slaying it at 54

Sure, QB Tom Brady may be the football GOAT. You can make the same case for tennis great Serena Williams. Both of them enjoyed rare air sitting high above the rest of the field in their sport.  But they’ve got nothing on super-skater Tony Hawk when it comes to longevity. While Brady and Williams retired from active play, Hawk is still pushing it- in a sport he started as a teen.

At age 54, Hawk remains on a roll in the world of skateboarding. And he has no plans to slow down. 

Don’t think it comes easy either. To stay alive in a fast-paced sport, Hawk says it took adopting healthy habits. The greatest skateboarder of all time, he was feeling the affect of Father Time- compounded by his high level of activity. And something had to give.

We can all relate to the aging thing, right? Well, then we can also relate to Hawk’s age-adjusted health plan. 

It’s actually a pretty well-rounded plan. To put it into context, Hawk admits having high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Like the majority of middle-aged Americans. So he’s kept tabs on his cardio health for the last 10 years. He also broke his leg and underwent two surgeries.

What’s his secret? That keeps him on his feet? Number one staying active. Hawk shared four things he does that keep him in top form.

1- Hydration. The more we move- which is good, the more fluid we lose-which is not so good. To stay fit, Hawk  makes sure to avoid a state of being dehydrated. It’s a must while you’re exercising, as well as through the day. So drink up.

2- Healthy diet. Okay, that’s not a novel concept but it’s true. Hawk keeps it simple, focusing on slimmed-down meals as in no frills. Fruits, veggies, good proteins. A creature of habit, he sticks to oatmeal for breakfast and avoids fatty foods and sugar. With maybe a few cheat snacks. 

3- Keep moving. A body at rest doesn’t get anywhere. Hawk does rigorous exercise. Keep in mind, he’s also rehabbing a leg injury. It’s been a process from the stationary bike to swimming and finally skating again. He says staying active extends longevity. 

By carefully sticking with these areas of focus, he is still able to compete professionally. In a sport where he’s likely twice the age of his fellow athletes. 

The last leg of his health and wellness plan is:

4- Supplements. Hawk is a big believer, he uses them for a variety of reasons. In fact, he was so pro, that he became a spokesperson for Qunol. He takes supplements like CoQ10, to boost heart and vascular health. Along with turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

While we may not be on the same stage as Tony Hawk, his health plan is an all-around winner. Still slaying it at 54- and enjoying the ride.

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