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Six Unexpected Benefits From Getting a Massage

It’s more than an indulgence at the spa. Massage therapy has some pretty serious health benefits.

Did you know that getting a massage can do these six remarkable things to your well-being?

1. It’ll make you sleep better

Horrible things happen to your body when you don’t sleep. But a massage relaxes you, and when you’re relaxed, you get that much-needed rest.

2. You’ll sit up straighter

Good posture is more important than you may realize. Being massaged rids your body of pesky aches and pains, allowing you to sit up straight.

3. It’s good for your head

Massage has been proven to help with recovery from sinusitis and migraines. Really!

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4. It alleviates other pains too

Injured athletes can stave off further problems by getting sports massages, which also improve flexibility.

5. It makes you happy

Literally! Massage therapy positively affects the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the body’s functions while it’s at rest. This is another part of the reason why massages are so relaxing.

6. It improves circulation

And it also rids the muscles of toxins.

So what are you waiting for? Book a massage!

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