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This Is How To Reverse The Effects of Smoking On Your Skin

Do you want to know the craziest part about quitting smoking? Your body hates those toxins so much that it will immediately begin reversing the damage done as soon as you put that last cig out.

Literally just a few hours after your last cigarette your body can normalize the levels of carbon monoxide in the bloodstream. This means your heart can pump oxygen to your organs with more efficiency, which improves every single function of your body. Within six weeks of quitting, lung function improves by about 30 percent, all sinus issues will clear up, and energy levels will skyrocket. Sexual performance and drive improve after three months; heart attack risk drops by half after nine months.

At 247Health, the goal is simple: feel better each and every day. Everyone knows smoking is a bad habit by now, but the guilt of “wanting to quit” doesn’t help you move on; and it certainly doesn’t let the body heal. The key to making significant life changes, and therefore choosing health and wellness even when the mind craves the opposite, is to understand the stakes of the game.

You see, smoking in any form (yes, vaping too, even though the dangers are much less severe) directly defies the purpose of the body, which is to function properly. The small bursts of stimulation feel like a small improvement forward; but you always take two steps back with every puff.

And that’s why most people have a hard time quitting anything addictive. The mind sees intrinsic value in the habit because of the good feelings it gets to experience. In reality, though, the mind is feeling twice as much pain as it would without the smoke. One step forward, two leaps back. It’s a losing poker hand that some people refuse to fold until their dying breath.

Organs like the skin will bounce back quickly once you quit

So then what’s the easy way to quit smoking? To understand that everything a cigarette provides, optimal health provides 100 times over. A powerful, trained body performing with the right fuel simply feels better than a body run ragged with chemical and disease. Any euphoria a smoker feels for a minute or two is a mere pittance of what a healthy, focused warrior feels while living a purposeful life.

The best part of the journey from sick and tired to healthy and energized is the incredible biofeedback you’ll receive along the way. Every single day you choose your own health over your own destruction, the body will reward you with an amazing new chapter of your own life to pour over. You’ll get to make plans to reverse the effects of the diseases you once chose but now reject; and the journey of self-discovery will trump any small amount of satisfaction the mind ever received from a chemical stick.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the journey back to health will be the reversal of skin damage. If you’ve just recently quit smoking and want to see instant results, just look in the mirror each day as the skin slowly regains its natural elasticity again.

To destroy the free radicals, a diet rich in antioxidants is vital. Consume foods like carrots, mackerel, tomatoes, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach, citrus fruits, kiwis and mangoes — all of which are good sources of Vitamins A, B, B5, K, C and folic acid. Drinking carrot juice can also help in flushing the traces of nicotine from the body, as will eating berries. If you can get them in your area, pomegranates will improve blood circulation, aiding in the production of¬†collagen and elastin. And most importantly, drink plenty of water (even more than you think is enough).

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