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‘Permanent’ Jewelry Is The Latest TikTok Fashion Trend, But Is It Safe?

What gal doesn’t like a new piece of jewelry for a present? Honestly, the only downside to jewelry as a gift is the possibility of losing it.

But it’s safe to say one of the newest trends is a ‘lock’ to stay with you forever. It’s called permanent jewelry, and it’s jewelry that is literally welded around your wrist, neck, or ankle. These necklaces and anklets are everywhere this season. But of course, there are concerns.

For one, people are fearful that it may wreck havoc at airport security checkpoints. Depending on the material, these trinkets could set off metal detectors — and trigger frustration when the flier can’t take off the offending item. However, I’m told this rarely, if ever, happens. The jewelry is dainty and most often a precious metal which typically sails through security.

What about visiting the doctor? You will have to have your permanent jewelry removed before undergoing some surgeries or medical procedures, including MRI, since it involves the use of a magnet for its advanced diagnostics.

Another frequent question has to do with health and hygiene. I mean, is it okay to keep something on for years possibly? And does it hurt?

Well, the process itself is quick and painless. On TikTok, where permanent jewelry is all the rage, the fusing is referred to as ‘zapping.’ The customer picks out an item and selects the type of metal, ranging from gold to silver in varying forms included plated and filled. Next, the appropriate size is determined and finally the jeweler simply welds the two ends together. No need for a clasp. It stays on until you have it removed or it breaks.

As for safety, this is definitely not a DIY option. In the hands of a professional this is a relatively easy undertaking, but they stress you should not try this yourself. It does require an expert welder and for this purpose, and many jewelers are learning the technique. The NY-based jewelry shop Catbird helped put this trend on the map.

As for hygiene, the fact that this mostly involves precious metals means there is really no inherent danger. People wear their wedding rings without removing them all the time. However, before selecting a filled or plated item, make sure you don’t have a metal allergy. If the jewelry piece has little gold or silver, you should be certain that the base metal does not aggravate your skin. Many times gold is plated with nickel which causes a reaction in some people.

Cleanliness is also a non-starter. It should be loose enough that you can clean yourself and the jewelry, itself, properly.

Overall, this is a fun and harmless trend. People are using the jewelry as a way to bond with a special someone. Couples, besties, family members… this is modern way to stay connected and share something special.

Truth be told, the jewelry may be more permanent than the relationship. Something to keep in mind before taking the plunge!

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