Our Last Minute Fitness And Nutrition Gift Guide Will Inspire You

Stressed about buying those last few gifts and hoping for a Christmas shopping miracle? Our last minute fitness-lovers gift guide may ‘jog’ some creative juices and get you over the finish line this holiday season.

Compiled by The Daily Tonic author Gabe Yanez and 247Health’s resident fitness guru Josh Green, this shopping list has a little bit of everything. If your husband or boyfriend enjoys a lifestyle of fitness, flexibility, and functionality, then he’ll love these gifts. And best of all — fitness-focused ladies can enjoy every one of these options, too.

Here are 10 awesome last-minute gift guide ideas compiled by two buff dudes who know what they’re talking about. (And be sure to subscribe to The Daily Tonic newsletter for other gift ideas, coupon codes, and wellness news delivered straight to your inbox every weekday morning!)

Fat Gripz

Muscles and grip strength equals longevity. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Fat Gripz will help you build big biceps and forearms fast.


Epic Provisions

You can’t go wrong with healthy, top-of-the-line protein snacks. EPIC features grass-fed beef, bison and venison; cage-free chicken and ducks; wild-caught salmon and antibiotic-free pork skins.


Legendary Foods

Gabe says, “these are my favorite high-protein snack that is not super healthy but at least they have low net carbs and high protein (and sprinkles).” If you loved Pop-Tarts as a kid, you’ll love the Legendary pastries.



One of the best mobility tools on the market, the Pso-Rite helps you live with less pain. The psoas connects the lower half of your body to the upper half. If your psoas is tight it will pull on your lower back, and this unique device will fix that awkward pain.


‘Fully’ Standing Desks

This is actually a standing desk converter, which will convert any table or desk you already own into a standing desk. It also includes non-skid pads to prevent damage to furniture surfaces. A real “must-have” for anyone who works at a computer and deals with lower back pain.



Josh says, “I do a lot of virtual training and a lot of my clients travel. So they can’t always carry dumbbells with them and their hotels don’t have gyms. So this is my go to. Any suspension trainer will do but TRX is the great.”


True Classic Tees

According to Josh, “These tee shirts fit men and look great! I’ve bought a bunch of them and give them as gifts to my guy friends and family. You don’t have to look sloppy to be comfortable and your wife/girlfriend will dig them on you too. Confidence is essential to everyone. I wear these shirts out and when I train. So they’re great for any lifestyle.”


Lululemon Pants

Wearing well-fitting clothing that accentuates your body makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re more likely to stick with the exercise routine that got you there. Lululemon is mostly known for stretchy exercise gear, but we love these pants.



At $599.99, this gift is a “big give,” we know.

Here’s why Josh loves the Garmin fenix 7S: “This watch is probably the best watch I’ve ever used. If you want to buy a gift for your wife or husband that is super active, this is the piece of equipment they will love and use every day. There are plenty of more cost effective models but the Garmin fenix 7S is the 7th generation of the fenix. I run a lot. Marathons, 5k and 10k’s and elite Spartan races. These watches aren’t just great for counting calories burned and counting steps, they actually are great for training. I promise they’re worth every penny.”


Foam Roller

We’ve written about fam rollers many times before, and for good reason. With regular work, they will take care of you in ways that no other stretching really can.


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