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Olivia Munn Shares Struggles Of Early Motherhood

Actress and television host Olivia Munn hasn’t shied away from her early struggles as a new mother. Munn, 42, gave birth to her first child, Malcolm, in November; and ever since, she’s encountered many of the same obstacles that any new mother faces postpartum.

Munn, and her comedian partner John Mulaney, often document their candid moments of parenthood on Instagram. One of the first issues she faced with baby Malcolm was his first official illness.

“Got through our first sickness. Haven’t properly slept since last Wednesday but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than cuddling my little boy and being covered in his explosive poop,” she wrote on social media.

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn – Instagram

Munn noted that while she “thought Malcolm was better,” the family had another difficult night. “We had another night of high fevers and lots of bodily fluids,” she said.

Apparently, Munn is also feeling the pains of many sleepless nights with her 6-month-old baby.

“I’m so tired I don’t even wanna know what I look like without these butterflies and ladybugs over my face,” she added, referring to the filter used on her Instagram Story.

Olivia Munn said breastfeeding has been one of the hardest parts about motherhood

Previously, she also documented the long road to getting her body back to pre-baby shape, and her struggles with hair loss.

“My body hasn’t snapped back, but it made this little guy so I only have love for it.” She added: “The postpartum road is rough, but it’s so worth it.”

As for the hair loss, she explained the situation in the comment section of her Instagram. “Ummm, it’s falling out in clumps postpartum. I’ll let you have it once I can grow it back and give it to you in better condition.”

Munn also opened up on Instagram about breastfeeding, which seems to give lots of women problems as they adjust to the rigors of motherhood.

“Breastfeeding is so hard, especially if you have low supply. 8 weeks in and I’ve taken a million vitamins, countless teas, lozenges, tinctures and worked with two lactation consultants. Breastfeeding. Is. Hard,” she wrote.

Not only does breastfeeding benefit the baby, but the process also benefits the mother. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, breastfeeding promotes a reduction in ovarian and breast cancer, as well as osteoporosis, as compared to formula-feeding mothers. Breastfeeding also helps with postpartum weight loss, delays fertility, increases a mother’s self-confidence, and promotes bonding.

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