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Mexican Food Is The Perfect Keto Cuisine

The keto diet probably sounded too good to be true at first: unlimited cheese, meats, and fats to feast on. But if you’re anything like me, you need some Mexican food in your diet; and let’s face it, it’s hard to eat south of the border without carbs. Taco shells, tortillas, crispy fried chips, seasoned rice, and even black/refried beans are all pretty big “no-no’s” on the keto diet. After all, the point of the diet is to get into ketosis, or the state in which the body is burning stored fats for energy rather than carbs in the bloodstream. A big plate of nachos will taste delicious, but it won’t get you into ketosis.

But don’t fret! Ketosis is still reachable with some carbs in the bloodstream (up to 50g of carbohydrates is allowable, but fewer is better). The key is to rearrange the ingredients at your favorite Mexican food joint, because in all honesty, the southwestern cuisine is actually very friendly to keto dieters — if you can just resist the temptation to eat one meal in chips + salsa before the real meal even arrives.

Here’s three tips to stay on the keto diet using Mexican food

Use beans to your advantage: yes, beans certainly have carbs, but they are fibrous, complex carbs that are slow-digesting and high in vitamins. If you take your ketosis seriously during most of your day, then the beans will actually be a welcomed carbohydrate source for your body, which it will turn into energy. Many dieters report feelings of exhaustion or brain fog, especially early in the process. Beans can help bridge the gap between amateur and pro keto dieting — and mostly guilt-free.

Load up on guacamole: we know it costs more, Chipotle, but we want it anyways (and don’t be stingy). Guacamole often becomes the best friend of many keto dieters. The avocados provide the body an excellent source of fat, plus it’s extremely filling and satisfying.

Since you’re supposedly ditching tortilla chips, you’ll want to pair the guac with something salty and crunchy to take its place. A breakfast hash of eggs with crispy bacon topped with guac and hot sauce is the perfect keto breakfast. Add a dollop of sour cream (or cottage cheese for a great protein source) and voila — the day is off the a delicious start.

Play around with seasonings: the basis for Mexican food is mostly dried chili peppers, paprika, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. But unless you’ve perused the aisles of an authentic Mexican grocery store, you probably have no idea how many chili peppers exist in the world. As we’ve explained before, the key to maintaining a restrictive diet is learning how to change the flavors of commonly-eaten foods.

Talk to any bodybuilder (for whom eating is literally part of their job), and they’ll all point to their cabinet of sauces and seasonings as their secret weapon. The same concept holds true for ingredients: be adventuresome and try classic recipes with brand new ingredients. Love a banana pepper stuffed with beef and cheese? You’ll go wild for an adobo-spiced filling and chipotle cream sauce. Elevate your cooking and you’ll maintain your diet!

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