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Meditation Makes Your Goal A Reality

To transcend the pain you currently feel, a simple yet profound understanding must first be accepted: my truest, most authentic self is joyful.

A full explanation as to why we abandon that innate joyfulness in favor of pain is the subject of countless spiritual, self-help, and self-development books; and I encourage you to read them all. But at the absolute core of human suffering lies a misuse of our minds — more specifically, a misunderstanding of how the mind focuses.

Meditation, or a deliberate quieting of the mind daily, can powerfully transform your life and make your goals a reality, if you will allow it.

How most people use their thinking minds

The thinking mind is like a dog with a bone — gnawing, contemplating, and critically assessing data from dawn ’til dusk. In other words, the mind wants to focus; but because we train our minds to find criticality in our surroundings, our minds become extremely proficient at finding and labeling aspects of life that we dislike, rather than focusing on those we do like.

When objectiveness, criticality, and frustration guide your focus, it is like you are holding your own cork underwater — drowning and flailing and struggling for relief. Your cork will float if you simply let go of the painful thinking. You do not even need to swim to the surface for air. Why? Because your truest and most authentic self is joyful. It is only your regular habits of thought that have gotten in the way.

However, allowing your cork to float is never as easy as “positive thinking” or “daily affirmations.” You see, the Law of Attraction has you in its web. And if you experience the momentum of negativity very frequently, you won’t be able to simply change gears into pure, positive thinking. That runaway train of critical thinking must first come to a rest before it can begin moving in the opposite direction. But when you can reliably get some momentum moving in the positive direction? Boy oh boy, get ready; because the Law of Attraction will become your best friend — an invisible friend in the sky bringing you more and more and more positive thoughts and outcomes.

So then what is the goal of meditation?

Paradoxically, the goal of meditation is to release the compulsion to ruminate endlessly on your goals.

Letting go of thought altogether will ease the momentum of your train so that the Law of Attraction can begin moving it in the right direction again. But how do you let go of thought? Most people guard their thoughts like their own children, refusing to settle into any sort of peace until the time comes for a cocktail or a sexual encounter. Ceasing thinking (meditation) does not require willpower or drudgery; it’s simply an exercise in focus. You will want to focus on soft, subtle aspects of life — like the sound of your own breathing or the gentle whoosh of the air conditioner — that do not carry any emotional baggage.

The incredible power of the mind (its ability to focus) has become its downfall in many ways. But you still have access to the mind’s original intentionality of pure focus, if you choose to tap into it. Finding the focus of “non-thought” through meditation, and thereby dropping the restlessness of repetitive mind activity, will transform your life almost immediately. We as humans believe that problems require constant mind activity in order to solve them. But really, the opposite is true: the vibrational frequency of a solution is easier accessed when the mind is quieted — when the cork is floating.

Focus is still the key

A joyful, peaceful attitude is where all satisfying solutions to life’s mysteries live. Once you regularly reach that level of satisfaction with daily meditation, the Law of Attraction begins naturally bringing you more thoughts that are similar. Soon, you’re craving that feeling of peace more than you’re craving a feeling of neurotic pain (that dog-with-a-bone intensity).

And yet, you’re using the exact same “mechanism” that you’ve always used to live life: the ability to focus. Now, however, you’re using it how it was always intended (to focus on peace), and are accepting your truest and most authentic self as a natural result.

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