Issue 92 | MDW Magic 🍄 Mushrooms and Gratitude

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“Recovery is not one and done. It is a lifelong journey that takes place

one day, one step at a time.”

— Unknown

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Monday. Memorial Day is here and with it comes the unofficial start ofsummer! I hope you are spending some much deserved time outside and not toomuch time on emails. Obviously, read THIS email, but after that–shut it down!Unplug a bit this long weekend and remember–emails will still be theretomorrow. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s touch on a topic that isvery relevant to the reason we celebrate Memorial Day in the first place.

Memorial Day… Mushrooms?

Not just regular mushrooms… magic mushrooms. So what’s the connection toMemorial Day? Let’s take a step back first. Memorial Day is about so much morethan just grilling, spending time outside, and the unofficial start of summer.It is a day set aside to honor and remember the men and women that gave theultimate sacrifice in service of our country. While it is important that wehonor those lost in battle, there are approximately 20 military veterans thatwe lose to suicide every day. This is a tragic issue that isn’t discussed often, and it isone of the many symptoms of the mental health crisis in the U.S. Suicideacross the U.S. is closely linked to mental health disorders such asdepression and PTSD. But this is precisely where magic mushrooms come in andprovide a bit of hope in an otherwise tragic health trend. Recent studies likethis one haveshown promising results supporting the efficacy of psychedelics to treat PTSD.The results supporting the use of psilocybin to treat major depression areeven more promising. Psilocybin is the active ingredient in magic mushrooms,and in recent studies like thisone, thecompound has been shown to match the efficacy of the gold standardpharmaceutical used to treat major depression. There is so much promise in thespace that this psilocybin startup just wentpublic and was valued at over $1 billion There is also an increasedunderstanding of the genetic predispositions for some major mental healthconditions. This recentstudy, led bythe U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, made some serious headway inunderstanding the complex genetic variants that make some people moresusceptible to certain mental health conditions than others. All in all, thereis plenty of hope as we look to tackle the mental health issues that impactour society and the men and women in uniform that Memorial Day is all about.On a final, more practical note–mental health is something we can allconstantly work on. One way to promote better mental health is with regulargratitude practices. That could be as simple as writing down three things youare grateful for every single day. On this Memorial Day, let’s all practice alittle gratitude and appreciate all the things we have, as there are some thathave lost so much.

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Something Vegan We Can Get Behind

You won’t hear us say that often. Actually, you may never hear us say thatagain, but here we are. Iconic soap brand, Dr. Bonner’s is launching a lineof vegan chocolates we can actually get behind. First of all, who doesn’t love chocolate?The answer: Psychopaths. Kidding, but not really. Second of all, us “gettingbehind” this chocolate line doesn’t magically make this chocolate anyhealthier. Chocolate is sugar. Excess sugar isn’t doing you any favors. We canall indulge occasionally but let’s make one thing clear. “Vegan” in front ofany food does not make that food healthier, despite what some marketingslogans may want you to believe. So why is this vegan line “Daily Tonicfriendly?” Well, they are committed to supporting regenerative practices andpromoting soil health. That is pretty unique for anything commodity-crop-supported, mainstream health trend vegan, so kudos to Dr. Bonner’s.

Tonic Shots

  • Literally writing this as I sip on some of this new coffee from Golden Ratio. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Want a little feel-good on this Memorial Day? This combat veteran is doing something amazing to drive awareness for suicide prevention.
  • Love chocolate? Appease your sweet tooth with some snacks from our friends over at Perfect Keto! I heard they have a Memorial Day Sale going on!
  • They may not be magic mushrooms, but they are healthy. Grow your own mushrooms at home with these grow kits.

Health isn’t just about _ food, movement, and mindset . It is alsoabout the_ _ interactions _we have and what we _ share with our fellowhumans._

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