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“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When the diet is correct,

medicine is of no need.”

– Ayurvedic Proverb

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Thursday. We always talk about how important stress management is. Well…bust out the breath work app, journal, or get ready for a cold plunge–we haveanother stressful one for you today. It isn’t our intention at the Daily Tonicto bring you all of the buzzkill, concerning news, but sometimes it’snecessary. Deep breath. Let’s dive in.

Bacteria In Your Meat.

So here is your first piece of stress inducing information–2.8 million peoplecontract infections that are resistant to antibiotics each year in the U.S,resulting to 35,000 deaths from those infections. We’ve talked about antibiotic resistanceon the Daily Tonic before but as a quick refresher the problem boils down tothis–conventionally raised animals live in terribly unsanitary and crowdedconditions, which makes them very susceptible to infections. The solutionaccording to the big food industry overlords? Pump livestock full ofantibiotics to keep infections at bay. The consequence of that solution?Bacteria that evolve to become resistant to antibiotics. The kinda-good news?This new studypublished last week showed that organic meat was half as likely to containmulti-drug resistant bacteria than conventionally raised meat. This wasaccording to 40,000 samples of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb–so not too shabbyof a sample size either. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise giventhe fact that in order for meat to be marketed as organic, producers areprohibited from using antibiotics. For consumers already buying organic, thisis good news, as the evidence supports a clear and direct benefit fromspending a few extra dollars on meat coming from quality producers. The otherinteresting takeaway from this study was the data regarding contamination atthe processing facilities meat has to pass through before getting to theconsumer. You see, not all of the bacterial contamination you need to worryabout happens at the farm level. A lot of the contamination happens atprocessing and packaging plants. In their analysis of those same 40,000samples, the report authors found the facilities that exclusively processconventional meat were significantly more likely to be associated withbacterial contamination of anytype–drug-resistant or otherwise–when compared to “split” processing facilities, whichare plants that process both organic and conventionally produced meat. Evenmore promising, organic-only facilities included in the study had only onepositive test for any contamination out of the entire sample size. So whatdoes all of this all mean? It seems that the co-mingling of conventional andorganic meat at processing facilities leads to some level of contamination,but that buying organic is still the better choice. Now keep in mind the factthat some regeneratively raised meat producers do not hold organiccertifications. The USDA organic certification is based on a checklist ofthings NOT to do when raising livestock, but it does require regenerativepractices meant to enhance soil health. Some brands forgo the organiccertification simply because they are going above and beyond thoserequirements. It should go without saying that regenerative brands are notusing antibiotics to treat their livestock. They don’t need to since they areraising their animals the way nature intended. Bison, cattle, pigs, sheep, andchickens on fresh pasture, in their most natural environment, building soil,do not need antibiotics to thrive. Consider regenerative as “organic plus”minus the certification when shopping for your meat.

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Are UGGs Still A Thing?

Fashun is not a particular area of expertise or interest for us here at TheDaily Tonic. The only thing I know about UGGs is that they were all the rage alittle while back (they might still be) and Tom Brady seems to like them. Onerecent thing I learned about UGGs is that they’ve committed to regenerating200,000 acres of land in 2021 and 1,000,000 acres by2025. So whatdoes that have to do with health? In case we haven’t said this enough, thehealth of our planet and our own health are closely tied together. It’s coolto see brands both inside and outside of the food space embracing regenerativepractices and making commitments to improve the health of our soil. Focusingon soil health alongside our own health is the only way forward. Kudos to UGGfor being a part of the solution, despite their weird looking, strangelypopular- and cozy- boots.

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