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How To Manifest Double The Money With Half The ‘Work’

Advice and Affirmations Surrounding the Law of Attraction

I bet you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction; maybe mentioned in a social media video or referenced in a blog. Today, I’m not going to explain how it works, but rather jump straight to the best part: how you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream life.

The “work” couldn’t be simpler: care about how you feel, and strive for better-feeling emotions at every turn. But you’re probably not ready to accept that premise just yet. Here’s why.

You’re human, and you’ve been taught by others that manifestations require critical thinking, sacrifice, or painful dedication. And you’re so indoctrinated into the “grind,” now, that the thought of emotional leverage sounds farfetched, if not outright silly.

In reality, though, all that toiling is mostly wasted energy, like trying to push an anvil across a field instead of rolling it on wheels. And since most of us would rather feel poorly and relate to others than feel wonderful and be the oddity, life begins to feel like a daily struggle instead of a celebration. Like most good advice in life, the majority of people can’t hear this distinction, and will double down on their discontent. They’ll clamor endlessly for more “fairness” or “equality” in an effort to fit their square peg into a round hole, not understanding that it is them who have departed from the inherent sanity of a life lived in positive expectation.

Here is where the Law of Attraction enters the equation

The Law of Attraction guarantees that ‘like’ attracts ‘like’ — or, you will attract more of whatever you put out. And since we are vibrational beings fueled by electricity and constantly-moving energy, our output is directly felt internally by the frequency of our emotions (or energy in motion).

The most successful creators use their emotions as a guidance system, and they become obsessed with the feeling of success. Once you’ve isolated the feeling of having that which you want, your daily “work” becomes stunningly simple: strive for that feeling in all that you do.

If working extremely hard truly makes you happy, then you should keep working hard (and at that point, you could argue that the action isn’t really “work” at all). But if we’re being honest, that’s rare. Most people fuel their lives with resentment and exasperation, then use things like work (or hobbies, or substances) as a distraction. And lest we forget about the Law of Attraction — however you emotionally frame your life is how it will manifest.

Again, the practice comes down to one maxim: you must care about how you feel, always. Once your mood becomes your highest calling, you won’t feel the need to argue for your limitations or look to poke holes in good advice ever again. You’ll be too busy bathing in pure abundance.

How to use universal laws to begin manifesting positive outcomes

If using the Law of Attraction to your advantage simply means striving for high-frequency emotions, then all you really need is a change in perspective.

Changing your emotional perspective is as easy as switching from a paradigm of doing to a paradigm of awareness—not necessarily being aware of your thoughts (which is just thinking about thinking and will drive you crazy), but being aware of how you feel when you think them.

Striving for the best feeling thought at all times put you into a receptive mindset where abundance can flow to you. The converse — trying to criticize all aspects of life in a futile attempt to control outcomes — is akin to trying to push the anvil. You’re going to exhaust yourself and have very little to show for it.

You may not have the ability to immediately quit your difficult job that has been a burden of difficulty for years. But you do have the ability to appreciate more of which you are doing. You have the ability to think more positive thoughts than negative thoughts. You have the ability to praise more in others than you criticize in others. All of these simple emotional actions put you in inexplainable situations, day after day, in which things keep going right for you because you are attracting them into your experience.

Let the universe offer you its own affirmations based on your understanding of the Law of Attraction

Your friends and family will think you’re lucky, or that you must finally be working hard and fulfilling your potential. But in actuality, all you’ve done is shift your point of attraction. If you can mix this new point of attraction with a goal that invigorates you and a set of habits that serve you (like punctuality, responsibility, and honor), anything you could ever dream of will flow into your experience.

You won’t need to fight the establishment for more fairness because you’ll be determining exactly what you get out of this life, and will likely be eager to share it with others instead of entertaining their negativity and doubt. This is the true nature of becoming the change you want to see in the world, and it couldn’t be simpler. Care about how you feel.

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