Issue 95 | 💻 Vegans hacked into the meat mainframe.

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“Health isn’t about being “perfect” with food or exercise or herbs. Health

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Thursday. So this may not be BREAKING news anymore, but the nation’slargest meat supplier was hit with a major cyberattack earlier thisweek. Allreports seem to suggest that the attack was perpetrated by Bill Gates and agroup of misguided vegans hoping to convince people that cancelling meat isthe solution to our climate change and health crisis. Let’s dive in.

What Really Matters About The Cyberattack…

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t Bill Gates and a group of vegans that hacked into thesystems at the country’s largest meat supplier, JBS, and forced them toshutdown operations. But who knows? Maybe it was. According to this articlein the WallStreet Journal, JBS reported that the attack originated from a criminal grouplikely based in Russia. Whether it was Russian hackers or Bill Gates and anarmy of vegans, this incident sheds light on an important issue we havepreviously discussed on the Daily Tonic–the way we produce food in the U.S isbroken. The entire system is designed for maximum efficiency, leaving thesystem incredibly ill equipped to deal with any sort of crisis. Because therole JBS plays in the food supply system is so expensive, even a single dayshutdown could have a massive rippleeffect on theentire meat supply chain. The company controls about 20% of the beef soldnationwide. What kind of ripple effect are we talking about here? Quoted inthis article,Dean Weborg, owner of Weborg Feedlot in Bridgeport, Nebraska, said that he’scurrently scheduled to deliver 500 head of cattle to JBS on Wednesday, buthe’s “doubtful” that will go through. With no other processing facilitiesavailable to absorb the type of volume that JBS handles, this means thatfeedlot owners like Dean are forced to keep their cattle for an extendedperiod of time, leading to extra feed costs that will eventually be passeddown to the consumer. On top of inflating prices, you have good ole panicbuying starting to happen across the country. As news of the cyberattack cameout, panicked consumers have been hitting the meat aisle as if it were toiletpaper circa April 2020. All this just stresses out a stressed supply chainthat much more. The solution? Simple. Buy local, buy regenerative, and votewith your dollars so that we can take our first meaningful steps away fromsuch a centralized and fragile food supply chain.

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Big Candy Is Angry

To be completely transparent, I ripped the title for this piece directly fromthis New York Times article. Is it plagiarism if you are honest about it? Speaking ofplagiarism and IP theft–big candy corporations like Wrigley are revving uptheir legal departments and handing out lawsuits left and right. As morestates legalize recreational cannabis, THC lookalike treats are becoming morecommon. A little IP grey area there. The one thing to note from the article isthat Big Candy corporations are claiming that they are suing not just toprotect their IP, but to protect your kids as well. They claim that THClookalikes that resemble a child’s favorite candy are troubling. Ehh… I kindof get it but also not sure Big Candy has ever done anything with the childrenin mind. Big Candy just wants to protect their $$. My $.02.

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