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“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole

cosmos- the trees, the clouds, everything.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

The Daily Tonic is a two to five minute read sharing science backed healthnews and tips, all while getting you to crack a smile or even _ lol _onoccasion.

Tuesday. Memorial Day is behind and for many, that means that today isbasically your Monday. Going back to work, catching up on emails, getting backinto a routine–all the usual Monday things. With that in mind, let’s ease backinto the week with a piece that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise for DailyTonic readers. Let’s dive in.

No Surprise Here…

So I am not totally sure this qualifies as “science backed health news,” sincesomething that should be obvious by now shouldn’t be news at all. Processedfoods are not good for you and are at the root of a lot of chronic disease.Before you gloss over this email and move onto all the other emails you needto play catch up on after the long weekend, hold on. Let me give you a reasonto keep procrastinating on starting your work. While sugars and processed seedoils are two culprits we cover on the Daily Tonic pretty often, nitrates havenot received as much attention. According to thisstudy, processedmeats were shown to increase the risk of developing heart disease.Interestingly enough, the same study observed no significant change in healthoutcomes among people that regularly ate meat that was not processed. Sowhat’s the difference? Processed meats include cured meats like pancetta,prosciutto, salami, and Spanish chorizo as well as bacon, beef jerky, delimeats, hot dogs, and sausages. Chicken, beef, pork, and lamb are what wasconsidered “not processed” in the study above. Peel back a layer on what makesthese processed meats different from the non processed ones and you’ll findnitrates as one of the main culprits. Nitrates are a preservative used toextend the shelf life of these packaged meat products. So why are Nitratesused, and why are they bad for you? I thought you’d never ask. “Nitrates areturned in the intestine first into nitrites, then into nitrosoureas, which areknown carcinogens and cause colon cancer,” according to Robert H.Lustig, MD, MDL,a pediatric neuroendocrinologist. Yikes. Well there goes the charcuterie boardyou love so much. Just kidding… well, kind of. I love a good charcuterie boardso let’s use this as an opportunity to remind ourselves that “the dose makesthe poison.” Will ordering the charcuterie board at your favorite restaurantonce a month lead to a poor health outcome if you are mostly eating real,whole foods, exercising regularly, and sleeping well? No. Will slammingbologna sandwiches and hot dogs as your staple meals lead you down a road tochronic disease? Probably. There are also uncured deli meat options that offerthe convenience of cold cuts without the nitrates. Regardless though, nothingbeats real, regenerative meat that you can bring home and cook yourself.

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Speaking of Bologna Sandwiches and Hot Dogs…

There is a new trend of young professionals that live frugally and save mostof their income in an effort to retire in their 30s. This article outlinesthe why and the how behind this group of aspiring early retirees, but I’ll summarize itbriefly. Referred to as the FIRE (“Financial Independence, Retire Early”)community, this group aims to save as much as 80% of their income by holdingthemselves to extremely strict and tight budgets, all so that they can saveenough to retire as early as their 30s. The discipline is admirable and whowouldn’t want to retire early? I have a mortgage and will be writing DailyTonics until they get rid of me but there is one thing in the article thatstood out as a bit problematic. In order to save every penny, members of theFIRE community live off of the cheapest food available. One person highlightedin the story claims to live off of $5 Little Caesar’s pizza. As a society, weneed to understand that food is not the best place to blindly cut costs.Members of the FIRE community might be doing a great job at saving to buildtheir retirement account, but we all need to invest in our long term health aswell. The foods we put into our body matter, and the price we pay down theline will vary greatly depending on the choices we make today.

Tonic Shots

  • Need to catch up on some Zzzz after the long weekend? Do it with the help of this delicious nighttime cocoa drink packed with relaxing magnesium and CBD.
  • It’s not regenerative, but as far as packaged deli meat you’ll find at your supermarket that is nitrate free, this brand is as good as it gets.
  • Want to dial in a new fitness routine with workouts you can do at home or at the gym? Check out this new fitness app and give their 7 day trial a shot!
  • Summertime does not mean you can’t enjoy some good, healthy bone broth!

Health isn’t just about _ food, movement, and mindset . It is alsoabout the_ _ interactions _we have and what we _ share with our fellowhumans._

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