Jessica Simpson Shows Off Hot Mom Bod

Well hello 2023! Jessica Simpson rolled into the new year showing off a newly remodeled bod. The blonde beauty flaunted her stuff on an Instagram post just before Christmas. She was dressed to impress with a distressed jean look and over-the-top sunglasses. But what got the most buzz, was her massive weight loss.

Let’s discuss. A mother of three, she battled baby weight for years. Bouncing up and down several times before dropping a whopping 100 pounds last year!  While some of her 6 million fans are worried about the super skinny look, many want to know how she pulled it off.

Simpson openly admits in an interview with People magazine, that she’s been just about every weight, and struggles with self-esteem. Despite that she’s learned to love herself at any size. Still, the girl’s a player. 

The 41-year old singer, actress and mom claims she’s gained and lost 100 pounds three times! This time around, her trainer is spilling the tea. Harley Pasternak broke it down for us in a People article. She says Simpson was up to 240 lbs after giving birth to her last child, so they had their work cut out for them

Like the rest of us, Simpson wanted to make lifestyle changes that she could stick with to stop the up-and-down cycle. Here’s what she landed on.

1- Steps, steps and more steps.

Simpson targets 14,000 a day. To say in optimal health, experts suggest shooting for 10,000, which works out to about five miles, each day. So, she’s upped that by about 50%.

The good thing about steps, is that it doesn’t take any equipment or even any particular techniques. It’s a process of course, so if you want results, it’s more realistic to start slower. Target 6,000 day and then slowly add on.

2- Diet Control.

Every long-standing weight loss must have meal management in some aspect. Whether it includes portion control, intermittent fasting or cutting back on certain food groups, the possibilities are huge. Jessica went all in on her trainer’s eating regimen which calls for three meals and two snacks. It has a focus on protein. You can find it in the book Body Reset Diet on Amazon.

3- Gym time.

Simpson hit the gym, working with a trainer for 45 minutes, three times a week. It’s great if you can afford it, because a trainer keeps you on track and motivated. If you’re on a budget, try splurging for a few sessions to get inspired and get a custom workout plan. Many people scroll YouTube where trainers provide fitness videos, for free. There are enough of them, that you can find someone you like.

4- Unplugging. 

It doesn’t have a direct correlation to weight loss but putting down tech devices and other distractions for an hour a day, provides a brief mental health break. And helps you get better sleep.

5. Zzzzzzzs.

Wrapping up with sleep. Getting a least seven hours a night is on of Simpson’s priorities. Sleep specialists agree. Lack of quality rest can lead to a lot of bad things, even mimicking health conditions. Being chronically sleep deprived causes problems with concentration, leads to irritability and much more. Including binge eating. 

Don’t know if doing this will lead to a Simpson-sized weight drop, but cheers to a fresh start in the new year!

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