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Jamu Juice Is The Perfect Drink For Immune Health This Cold & Flu Season

Cold and flu season is officially upon us! Even in Central Texas, where the highs are still in the 80s and 90s, we are getting hit with the same bugs as everyone else in cold weather.

During my first winter in Texas, I got hit with a lousy combination of allergies and a cold because of the drastic swings in temperature. It could be 30 degrees in the morning, but by lunchtime, it would be in the 60s or 70s! A friend recommended a concoction called Jamu Juice, and I was hooked once I tried it. 

Jamu Juice is a cocktail made out of turmeric, ginger, lemon, and water (coconut water is even better), and is lightly sweetened with a little honey. It is a traditional Indonesian drink, but this recipe is not unique to their area only. My Latin American mother-in-law has a similar recipe (without the turmeric) that she swears by to remedy colds. 

Besides being good for immunity, Jamu Juice is also anti-inflammatory. Turmeric (when combined with black pepper) is a great herb to fight off inflammation. Ginger is high in vitamin C, which obviously supports both immune health and inflammation. The better you can prepare the body for cold & flu season, the better prepared you’ll be for the occasional bout of sickness.

Here is the recipe for you to try this sniffly season:

Jamu Juice Recipe


Fresh Turmeric- 125g (powdered form would be ⅓ cup)

Fresh Ginger- 20g 

Black Pepper- just a pinch (to help absorb the turmeric)

Honey– 2 tablespoons

Lemon- 2 tablespoons

Coconut Water- 4 cups (you can also use regular water)


  1. Slice turmeric and ginger into thin slices (with or without skin).
  2. Blend turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and coconut water (or regular water) until smooth.
  3. Pour the mixture into a pot and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for about 20 min and then add lemon and honey.
  4. Strain the mixture with a nut milk bag, cheesecloth, or a fine mesh sieve while you pour into a glass bottle to refrigerate.

When should you drink it?

You can also drink this hot cocktail as a tea to soothe throat pain or soreness. A serving is about ½ cup (or 4 ounces), and you can also sip on it in the morning or between meals to help with digestion. This recipe will last about 1 week in the fridge, but it’s best enjoyed immediately. You don’t necessarily need to wait until you’re sick to enjoy these anti-inflammatory benefits or to support your immune system. 

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