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It’s a Beautiful Life: Skin Deep Medical Spa

Skin Deep is more than words on a building. Medi-Spa owners Jacqui Rochonchou and Ashley Anderson view the name of their business as a challenge: To bring out their client’s inner beauty. 

“Because everyone IS beautiful,” Jacqui says. “There is something uniquely beautiful about each one of us already. It comes from within,”

Situated in tony Naples, Florida, the upscale spa offers the latest in non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic skin care. Partners Jacqui and Ashley are both licensed medical aestheticians. While their brand is built on beauty, the pair will tell you they are actually in the customer service business. 

“Seeing a patient’s reaction when you’ve taken away their biggest insecurity is euphoric,” Jacqui says. “That will never get old.”

Growing older doesn’t bother Amy Duchesneau. It’s looking older that makes her uncomfortable. 

“Every time I looked in the mirror, I would think I saw a sagging here on my neck and my face,” Amy explained. So she put her face in Skin Deep’s hands. 

Amy elected to try the spa’s new Sofwave technology. FDA cleared for lifting sagging brows and jawlines, the device uses ultrasound instead of a scalpel. It is described as a mini facelift minus the cutting or sutures. instead, a hand-held tool directs energy just below the skin’s surface to create a thermal injury which promotes the growth of new collagen. 

Skin Deep knew their clientele would appreciate the painless procedure. Amy included. “I said, ‘Okay, I’ll give it a try’. And I’m so glad I did. Because it’s not surgery, there’s no downtime” 

Finding the right solution to make their clients look and feel their best is a ‘win’ for the Skin Deep team.

“Anyone can walk through our doors and say, ‘I want to look youthful, I want to look refreshed, I want to get a reduction in lines and wrinkles. That’s an easy fix for us,” Jacqui says. “That’s why we’re here.”

This may be the Golden Age in the beauty business, with new devices and procedures introduced at a rapid pace. Separating the good from the great, is time-consuming. Jacqui and Ashley carefully vet and curate each service they offer and every product they sell. 

The results are evident. Skin Deep was once again recognized as Best Spa by readers of the regional Gannett newspaper. The distinction is meaningful. They purchased Skin Deep in March of 2020, twenty days later the pandemic forced them to shut their doors.  Jacqui used the mandatory downtime to dig deep and direct her focus.

“I remember setting a timer on my phone and told myself I had 60 seconds to cry, and when those 60 seconds were over I had to pull it together and do what needed to be done for my staff, business and community.”

In the years since, Skin Deep has held on to the top ranking. Reaffirming to the owners that they are making a difference. 

“Nothing is more important to us than the fact that our patients truly feel seen and heard.”

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