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It Is Probably Time To Go Change The Sheets On Your Bed

Climbing into a bed covered in fresh, clean sheets is one of life’s simple pleasures. But how often do you do it?

Cleaning experts say ideally, bed linens should be changed once a week. However, once every two weeks is OK, and even once a month is acceptable. But if your sheets have been on your bed longer than that, get them off now!

As you sleep, your bed fills with all sorts of nasty things coming off your body, like sweat, dirt, and dead skin. And if you share the bed with another person and/or a pet, the amount of that gross stuff can be doubled or tripled.

An accumulation of bodily fluids, particularly sweat, can even cause your sheets to smell.

Here’s something else in your house that starts to reek after a while — your towels. Bath towels should be switched out after three uses. If they stay wet for a while, mold and bacteria can grow on them. It’s best to hang them to dry after a use, as that slows the growth, but changing them frequently is also necessary.

Dish towels can be used for about a week at a time but, like sheets, they gather up some pretty nasty substances. And yes, they smell terrible after too many uses.

Here are a couple of everyday items you’re probably not changing often enough — shower loofahs and kitchen sponges. Loofahs are bacteria magnets. You probably shouldn’t use them at all, but if you insist, change them once a week. And kitchen sponges are often dirtiest of all; clean or switch them out every day, and replace them as soon as they start to smell bad.

(H/T: CheatSheet)

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