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Thursday. Hard-hitting health journalism. Say that five times fast.Anyway, this is the first time we are doing this, but we are following up on aDaily Tonic piece we did last week. The Bayer/Monsanto RoundUp story just getsmore interesting (and frustrating) after doing a little more digging. I feellike Dustin Hoffman in All The President’s Men, minus the cigarette smoking.Well, let’s follow the money…

It Is All Even Sneakier Than We Thought…

I know you all meticulously read every single Daily Tonic we send out, butjust in case you need a refresher on our original piece on Bayer/Monsanto andRoundUp, you can check it outhere. Andif you have no time for more than a single Daily Tonic today, I’ll summarizeto get you all caught up. Bayer is planning to phase out their cancer-causing,glyphosate-based RoundUp product from lawn and garden shops starting in 2023.However, Bayer/Monsanto has no plans to phase out RoundUp or any otherglyphosate-based herbicide from the agricultural market, meaning that the samechemical that is unsafe on your lawn, will still end up on your food. Great,great, great. This is still a big win and a step in the right direction, butthere’s more to it than that. All you have to do is follow the money, and theincentive for a multi-billion dollar company to voluntarily remove a productfrom the market starts to become a bit more clear. You see, Bayer has a newherbicide on the market. Sold under the brand name, Liberty, the activeingredient in this new herbicide is glufosinate, a compound very similar toglyphosate. This is the oldest trick in the book–once enough people recognizethat something is terrible for their health, all big corporations do is tinkerwith that chemical just enough to make it something slightly different, andvoila, they are off to a fresh start with a new thing that is just as bad forour health as the old thing, but is still technically a different thing. Iknow–they make it confusing on purpose. Diving deeper into what makes Libertydifferent from RoundUp is even more troubling. Liberty is a contactherbicide,meaning that more of it needs to be sprayed so that the chemical completelycovers weeds in order to kill them. RoundUp, on the other hand, is systemicherbicide, which means it requires less use of the actual chemical to get thejob done. The kicker to all this? Liberty comes in at a higher price pointthan RoundUp. So basically, Bayer is making plans to remove RoundUp from themarketplace just to usher a new herbicide into the market that is moreexpensive, you need to use more of it, and all early indications show it isjust as bad for human health. Oh and of course, Bayer also sells the seeds forLiberty-resistant GMO soy. How about that!? Liberty is already authorized foragricultural use. It is only a matter of time before it hits the shelves atyour local lawn and garden shop. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was adetailed transition plan in place so that once RoundUp gets phased out in2023, Liberty is already fully stocked and ready to go. The solution? I don’teven know anymore. It is so frustrating when what seems like a big win, endsup being nothing more than a disappointing chess move from big agribusiness.The best we can do is continue to drive awareness, so share this Daily Tonicwith all your friends that have gardens or backyards. Oh, and avoid GMO soy atall costs.

Onto some much more positive news..

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This Is A Valid Exception

Another thing we have talked about on the Daily Tonic before–hydroponic,indoor farming. Our hot take on these “state-of-the-art” vertical farms? Weare skeptical because no soil seems… wrong. Anyway, here is a valid exceptionand a place where soil-less farming might actually make sense–outer space (orAntartica). Indoor farming has helped a NASA crew thrive inAntarcticaand is seen as a promising method to helping astronauts optimize their healthwhile on missions in the future. I prefer my fruits and veggies come frombountiful, nutrient dense soil here on Earth, but if I went to Space,hydroponics would sound great!

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