Issue 147 | 💦 Sweat stains are ok.

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“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

– Jim Rohn

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Tuesday. Sweat is one of those things that deep down, we all understandserves an important purpose, but most of us still hate it. Getting sweaty isuncomfortable, sometimes it makes us smell bad, leaves unflattering sweatstains on our clothes, and can be a serious inconvenience on a first date orjob interview. The truth is, sweat is actually a human superpower. Let’s divein.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

In case you haven’t heard, the planet is getting hotter thanks to this thingcalled climate change. Just ask anyone that’s had to endure this recordbreaking summer in the Pacific Northwest. They’ve had their share of sweatydays. The Northeast just went through its own heatwave,setting record highs from North Carolina all the way to southern New England.Turns out Governor Cuomo wasn’t the only New Yorker sweating it out in the hotseat this past week. All this makes for a lot of very sweaty, uncomfortablepeople- and governors- from coast to coast. But sweat unfairly gets a bad rep.Pit stains may be inconvenient, but our ability to sweat is one of the keydifferentiators that makes humans so unique. Sweat glands bring water, salt,and toxins to the surface of our skin so that it can evaporate, cooling usdown in the process. Our ability to sweat is the reason humans have been ableto thrive in hot climates and stay active during the hotter daytime hours.Yucky sweat makes us human. We sweat when we’re hot, when we’re physicallyactive and when we’re stressed, anxious or scared. Emotion-triggered sweatingis part of the fight or flight response and occurs mostly on our palms, solesof our feet, and foreheads. Anything that’s circulating in our blood may also bepresent in sweat–lactic acid, alcohol from last night’s margaritas, the smellycompounds from the garlic you ate, and any toxins your body is trying to getrid of. That’s right. Not only is sweat a powerful thermoregulation tool, itis also a great detox pathway for your body. Now, the most important ways yourbody processes toxins is through the liver and kidneys, but sweat can play animportant role in ridding your body of the yucky stuff you don’t want. This iswhy a sauna can be so beneficial. Sauna therapy has a wide array of healthbenefits,but its ability to detox the body of harmful environmental toxins such asheavy metals, BPA, and phthalates through passive sweating is a big one. Thetakeaway? Embrace your body’s ability to sweat. Yes–it isn’t ideal to besweaty all the time, but understanding how important of a bodily function itis may give you a new found appreciation for those salty droplets that comeout of your pores. And as far as antiperspirants go, let’s just say thatrubbing aluminum on your sweat glands to block them from sweating isn’t thesmartest approach. A little natural deodorant is fine–you don’t have to smelllike a hippie, but just remember–deodorant is ok, antiperspirant is not.

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Speaking of Dumb Ideas

I present to you–Cheetos for babies. Here is the thing, Cheetos aren’t anappropriate snack for anyone at any age. With that said, ripping open a bag ofCheetos may be slightly more acceptable for a college kid that can make his orher own decisions. But a baby?! A growing baby that is in some of the mostimportant years of development in their life. No–they have no business eatingCheetos. Apparently, baby food giant, Gerber, thinks otherwise. Check outtheir Lil’ Crunchies snack and compare it to a bag of ole fashioned gas station Cheetos.It’s basically the same thing. Ugh. Dear Gerber, You suck.Sincerely, The Daily Tonic staff and Readership.

Tonic Shots

  • Have a baby? Know someone that has a baby? Let’s never buy Gerber baby food. Use The Clean Label Project to find healthier baby food options instead.
  • Sweaty? Rehydrate with the best and tastiest electrolyte drink out there. Grab a free sample pack here.
  • Need help finding a natural deodorant (NOT antiperspirant)? Here is a good list with plenty of options.
  • Surprise, surprise. You can improve our food system with animals. Deep dive on how with this podcast.

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