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Monday. Ahh to be a kid again. Life is so simple when you are a kid. Noresponsibilities, no work, all play. Oh, and apparently kids can eat anything.Your metabolism is so fast as a kid, what’s the harm in Lucky Charms forbreakfast and Mac n’ Cheese for lunch? Well… let’s dive in.

Kids Can Eat Anything, But Should They?

Nope–they shouldn’t. What evidence is there in support of that? The rate ofchildhood obesity has almost tripled in the last fourdecades. Somuch for having a fast metabolism. Some of the unhealthiest foods are the onesstrategically marketed at children. It is a brilliant business strategy if youthink about it. The belief is that children can get away with eating anything.So why not take sugary, cheap foods, and market them heavily using sportsfigures, celebrities, characters and mascots, cartoons, cross-promotion toys,collectibles, kids’ clubs, internet games, and contests? That’s how you createcustomers for life. Now you are pinning a frantic child against their parentsat the grocery store. Children will want the sugary cereals, chocolate-flavored energy bars, and yogurt smoothies in all the fun flavors and colors.Now it is up to an exhausted parent to say no every time? Big food brands alsomasterfully know how to make parents feel better about giving in. Organic,all-natural, high fiber, vitamin fortified, high protein–all these labels areadded to these sugary, highly processed products to make parents feel a littlemore OK about giving in. All the while, big food corporations are making akilling. Sugary, processed foods are some of the most profitable for the foodbehemoths that run our food system. Take breakfast cereal as an example. AsDr. Robert Lustig points out in his new book,Metabolical,there is an interesting reason why Lucky Charms have marshmallows in them. Itisn’t actually because children love marshmallows, but rather because oatscost more than marshmallows. So in typical big food fashion, why not fill upspace in the cereal box with cheaper, high volume sugar, while still sellingLucky Charms at a slightly higher price per unit? Diabolically genius. Allthis results in breakfast, the supposed most important meal of the day,morphing into nothing more than a huge load of sugar to start the day. Eatingbreakfast at school is no better. The American Heart Association recommendslimiting kids to 3 to 4 teaspoons of added sugar perday. Yet, atypical school breakfast consists of a bowl of Froot Loops and a glass oforange juice–that’s already 11 teaspoons of sugar. And that is just one meal.Now what if some kid is celebrating a birthday that day? You know what thatmeans–cupcakes! In another excerpt from hisbook, Dr.Lustig points out that any food is a dessert if any form of sugar is one ofthe first three ingredients. Trader Joe’s Beef and Broccoli (32 grams ofsugar) is a dessert. Chinese chicken salad is a dessert. We, and especiallyour kids, are eating and drinking dessert all day long. Yikes. So what is theimpact all this sugar has on children? Aside from growing waistlines, sugaralters kids’ brain function in two ways–behavior and cognition.. If you arereading this and you are a parent, you know very well that sugar can make kidsmore irritable. Give a kid a Snicker’s bar and you’ll now have a Tasmaniandevil to contend with. Good luck. There have also been studies that linkprocessed foods and sugar consumption with poor performance in school and lackof focus. The solution? It may seem as though kids can get away with anything,but they can’t. Sugar and processed foods impact us all, regardless of age. Iam assuming we don’t have a big underage readership at the Daily Tonic, so itfalls on parents to make intelligent choices that will set up our futuregenerations for a healthier future.

Gut Health–Important For Everyone, Regardless of Age

**Gut health is tied to everything–brain health, immunity, digestion.

Taking care of your gut with a good probiotic is taking care of your health.**

Probiotic bacteria come in many forms, and to be sure that supplementing isbeneficial, the bacteria strains needs to be tested and documented.Bifidobacterium BB-12(R) is one of the most researched probiotic strains andhas been tested in more than 300 scientific studies. Lactobacillus fermentumPCC(R) was awarded the Health Ingredient Excellence Award for its outstandingproperties compared to other bacteria strains. Backed by science, great taste,and convenient packaging. Gut health has never been so easy Use codeDAILYSB3 for 25% Off Your Next Puori Order.

I Want Gut Health!

Another Chicken Recall

As if this is even news anymore. Serenade Foods, an Indiana-based company, isrecalling nearly 60,000 pounds of frozen and raw chicken products for possiblesalmonella contamination this week after dozens of people across multiple states havegotten sick. Surprise, surprise. Our heavily centralized, mass-produced meatindustry is making more people sick. I will spare you the details ofSalmonella infection symptoms, but needless to say, they are not pretty. Thesolution? It is simple and always bears repeating. Vote with your dollars andpush our system towards meaningful change by shopping from local farmers andregenerative, pasture raised brands. Big box chicken may be cheap in terms ofwhat you pay at the register, but the hidden cost of supporting ourconventional system is so expensive and the debt we are accumulating is highenough.

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