Issue 144 | Cure for anxiety? More Zoom.

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“America’s healthcare system is in crisis precisely because we

systematically neglect wellness and prevention.”

– Tom Harkin

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Thursday. The Olympics are behind us and just like everything else post-pandemic, it just wasn’t the same. Mask wearing on the podium, Covid testingfor athletes, empty stadiums and arenas for some events, and for the firsttime, a top athlete citing mentalhealth astheir reason for pulling out of competition.

Simone Biles’ exit from the Olympics may not have had anything to do with thepandemic itself, but it is worth noting that the pandemic has had a hugeimpact on mental health. Let’s dive in.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression? Let’s Jump On A Zoom.

As if a global pandemic wasn’t quite enough, we’ve all had to deal with themental health implications of this past year as well. Some of us may havehandled it better than others, but it is pretty safe to say that stress levelshave been a little elevated. Read a few headlines on a daily basis and it isno wonder that depression and anxiety continues to rise in this country.According to a recent survey by the U.S CensusBureau,moderate to severe anxiety peaked in 37.3% of adults during the pandemic,which is up 6.9% from 2019. When it came to depression among adults, reportedcases jumped from 7% to 30.2% over the same time period. As for young adults,43.5% said they had moderate-to-severe anxiety. And children? According tothis study,depression and anxiety cases seem to have doubled over the past year. Thesolution? Therapy. The bright side? The pandemic has made it easier forpeople to access therapy virtually through telehealthservices.There is a bit of a wrinkle though. Creating rapport and building trustthrough a more personal connection is an important piece of what makes therapyeffective. Seems pretty obvious, right? According to some therapists–andpatients–rapport and trust can be easier to build face-to-face, even withmasks. Whowould have thought? You are telling me that humans aren’t meant to connectwith other humans in a meaningful way through a screen? That level of bondingis particularly crucial at the beginning of the therapist-patient relationshipor when symptoms are more severe. Therapists also say in-person sessions workbetter for children and teens, since they are easily distracted or may not betotally on board with the treatment. Online therapy has definitely made itmore convenient for many people to access therapy at a time where it seems tobe needed most. There is no denying that. The important takeaway here is thatas we look to navigate what is still a challenging time for many when it comesto stress, anxiety, and depression, in-person human interaction is somethingwe could all use more of, not less.

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Everyone’s Favorite Thing

Coffee. Who doesn’t love coffee? Psychopaths? Boring people? Vegans? BillGates? For all the coffee lovers out there–rejoice. We found this interestingpiece thatoutlines how to brew the healthiest cup of coffee. In case you are too busy toclick on that link, I’ll summarize. The healthiest cup of coffee uses high-altitude beans, a lighter roast, a fine grind, a filter, hot but not boilingwater, and is served black. How can you make a cup of coffee as unhealthy aspossible, you may ask? Just add some Oatly to it.

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