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“Life is not merely being alive, but being well.”

– Marcus Valerius Martialis

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Monday… I mean Tuesday. Long weekends make things so confusing. Hope youdidn’t miss us too much, but we are back; Back with more health news, sciencebacked tips, and bad jokes at the expense of vegan brands and soil destroyingbillionaires whose name rhymes with Will Bates. So who else is feeling alittle inflamed after the holiday weekend? What is inflammation anyway? Let’sdive in.

Your Buzzword Of The Day Is…

Inflammation. The word gets thrown around a lot in different healthcircles, sometimes without understanding what it really means. This thing isinflammatory, so avoid it. This other thing is anti-inflammatory, so consumemore of it. Is it that simple though? Inflammatory = bad, anti-inflammatory =good? It’s never that simple. An important first step here is differentiatingacute and chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is a natural and necessaryreaction that our body utilizes to deal with certain stressors. When dealingwith pain, injury, or illness, our body’s first line of defense is theinflammatory process. Pain, swelling, redness, and that radiating sense ofwarmth that we feel at the site of an injury or illness is our body’s naturalway of jump-starting the healing process. In this case, inflammation is good!It comes in, transporting all the plasma, white blood cells, and nutrients youneed to heal up, and then subsides within a few days. When inflammationbecomes chronic and systemic, becoming a constant low-level feature of yourphysiology that’s always on and always engaged–that’s when the big problemsarise. Heart disease, obesity, and every malady ending in “itis” are alllinked to chronic inflammation. There is even strong evidence now that shows a linkbetween chronic inflammation in the brain and all sorts of undesirablesymptoms.Higher levels of chronic inflammation have even been shown to increase therisk of developing depression. So if twisting your ankle, breaking a bone, orcatching a cold all trigger our body’s natural acute inflammatory response,what are the things putting us in a state of chronic inflammation? Poor dietleading to poor gut health, lack of sleep, chronic stress, lack of movementhave all been shown to cause varying levels of chronicinflammation. One specific culprit worth mentioning is the consumption ofhighly inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, like those found in the processedvegetable and seed oils that you should avoid at all costs. That’s right–thecanola oil in that Oatly latte isn’t doing you any favors when it comes tochronic inflammation. The solution? Aside from cutting out those yuckyinflammatory oils (sunflower, peanut, canola, safflower, & soybean), you couldalso up your intake of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids found in fattyfish or through a quality fish oil supplement.

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Big Meat Scholarships

Big meat producers in the U.S have, rightfully so, spent a lot of time on thehot seat over this past year. Tyson got into some hot water over managersbetting on which employees would contractcovid-19,it was recently exposed how vulnerable big meat producers like JBS are tocyberattacks, and there is the ongoing scandal over Smithfield’s allegedmanipulation of prices. Lots of shady business going on over there in the world of BigMeat. One other headwind Big Meat is facing these days is the challenge ofhiring and retaining employees. In an effort to make positions with theircompany more appealing, meat producer JBS has started to offer tuitionassistance for all employees and one child peremployee.Now, this is admittedly great news and should be celebrated, but it shouldalso be noted that this isn’t something that is being done out of pureheartwarming altruism. Everything these companies do comes down to a simplemath equation. Right now, paying for tuition is simply cheaper than what itcosts to find and hire new labor. Either way, good for JBS employees and theirchildren. Let’s hope they take advantage of the tuition support and move on tobetter jobs outside of the Big Meat industry.

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