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Heidi Klum’s Exact Diet Plan For Ageless Beauty And Wellness

Heidi Klum is one of the first true supermodels in industry history — a global icon who, in her prime, graced the covers of countless magazines. Since then, she’s reliably stayed in the public eye thanks to television shows, ad campaigns, and red carpet appearances. At 49 years old, Klum still looks as good as she did in the early 90s when she moved to New York and began modeling for scrappy upstart lingerie company Victoria’s Secret (maybe you’ve heard of them?).

Now with over 30 years in the public eye to her name, it’s safe to say that Klum knows how to stay camera-ready. At 5’9″ and roughly 135 pounds, Klum has found a bodyweight that feels and looks great for her. Here’s how she keeps herself looking Hollywood-ready year after year.

Heidi Klum says she starts her day with a fruit and vegetable smoothie; and then her meal choices usually include lean proteins like chicken and turkey. She doesn’t force herself to go low-carb, necessarily — she loves whole grains and quinoa, but she eats them at specific times of day (keep reading to find out when). Klum also says she eats lemon, garlic, greek yogurt, tea, and raw nuts almost daily.

Really, the key to eating healthy is learning what NOT to eat, and then substituting your favorite “bad” foods with healthier versions of the same meal. Klum says avoids eating refined carbs, chemical additives, fried and processed foods, refined sugar, junk food, and artificial ingredients that can harm her body. But anything that comes refined and pumped full of chemicals can probably also be made clean, she points out.

Heidi Klum’s diet is not just salads and lemon water — her go-to snack is super filling

Another important aspect of her diet is timing; as in, what time of day she eats certain foods. Klum believes that eating early is a good strategy for eating healthy, as it gives enough time to the body to digest the food completely. She also prescribes to intermittent fasting, which means consolidating all eating to a specific time window. She says her last meal is at 6 pm, which means her first meal is likely around 9 or 10 am.

That schedule gives her a nice eating window everyday, but also gives her body time to feel “hungry” in a healthy way. It also makes more sense to eat carbs in an intermittent fasting window because they will be used for energy during the day, as opposed to sitting in the stomach all night.

And the great thing about intermittent fasting is that snacks are always allowed, as long as they’re eaten within the window. While prepping for her role in Ocean’s 8, Klum loved to snack, she revealed. Her favorite snack was petite portions of cheese, sliced pickles, tomatoes with salt and black pepper, crostini, and cured meats on a small plate. No salads, no tasteless tofu — just high-quality, high protein snacks with a few fruits or vegetables mixed in for flavor.

So are you surprised to hear that one of the most popular supermodels of all time eats a balanced diet? That she doesn’t starve herself or limit any one food (other than junk food, of course)? You shouldn’t be; health is simple, and wellness is everyone’s birthright. Make your diet a priority and you won’t need to make “health” much of a priority at all. It will just happen naturally.

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