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Here’s 3 Health Trends The Super-Rich Love Right Now, From A Celeb Nutritionist

From wellness rooms to infrared saunas to hyperbaric oxygen chambers, the ultra-rich are spending millions of bucks to feel their best. The technology is real, and a few health experts are blending old school wellness knowledge with new-age biohacking to elevate longevity to the next level.

Oz Garcia, a celebrity nutritionist of 30 years and former head of wellness at Equinox, knows all about health(y) obsessions. He said the healthcare technology industry has never been stronger, thanks largely in part to wealthy folks who can buy anything — anything, it seems, except clarity.

Enter Garcia, who has worked with Gwyneth Paltrow and Heidi Klum among many others, to facilitate the intersection between the ultra-rich and the industry’s ultra-expensive new toys. They’re all meant to improve the body somehow, and therefore improve the mind; but even Garcia admits that many are “overhyped.”

“We’re now overwhelmed with products, courses, protocols that are being promoted. It’s just too much,” he said.

But although Garcia tends to steer clients away from the latest brain formula vitamin, he does think that three aspects of wellness deserve attention and praise: sleep, sunlight, and stress management.

The best way to spend your morning, Garcia says, is by resetting your circadian rhythm by getting 20 minutes of sunlight. “Believe it or not, you sleep better at night by getting morning daylight,” he said.

Easy for LA celebs, right? It’s sunny everyday in Southern California. For the rest of us who can’t always get sunlight in the mornings, Garcia says to purchase artificial sunlight in the form of goggles or light machines.

According to Pegasi (Garcia’s recommended faux-sunlight goggles), sun-stimulating glasses shine blue or green light on the face. When worn for some time during the day, the blue light works the way sunlight does — by managing the circadian rhythm, and stimulating production of melatonin, or the body’s sleep hormone

His next bio-hack that he swears by is cold plunges, especially when paired with heat exposure via a sauna. Garcia said ice baths can “wake you up, reduce a lot of inflammation in your body, and make you feel terrific.” Check out our article HERE on all of the benefits of cold showers (they can even promote weight loss, seriously).

Calming the body by calming the mind

Finally, to stabilize mood and reduce irritability, Garcia recommends his top clients purchase sleepwear technology that measures heart rate, sleep patterns, and breathing. The data, he says, helps indicate the best course of treatment.

For most people, though? The key to stress-reduction is mental clutter reduction. And the best way to reduce mental clutter is to meditate. If you’re unfamiliar or think it’s bizarre, there are lots of good meditation apps and programs that will teach you (and make meditation more accessible).

“The Waking Up app by neuroscientist Sam Harris offers guided practices and lessons on how to properly meditate,” Garcia said was his favorite app.

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