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Getting Rid Of Back Fat Requires This Specific Plan

Back fat is some of the most difficult slabs of fat to get rid of on the human body, especially for men. So far, scientists have not discovered a non-invasive way of “spot losing” fat, and for some reason, back fat is usually the last bit to go. Therefore, to reliably lose back fat, most people really need to dial in their nutrition and exercise — there’s just no other way to lose that fat without taking personal health extremely seriously.

Some amount of fat is good: healthy women generally hold about 20-30% of their body weight in fat; men about 10-25%. And because back muscles usually get overlooked during “traditional” cardio (can you do a single pull-up?), the back muscles rarely get stimulated enough to pierce through that layer of back fat.

Therefore, to get rid of back fat, the process is two-fold: get your body fat percentage down, and build the muscles of the back. Muscle tissue, after all, helps burn body fat during times of rest — if you have no muscle mass, you will have a very difficult time burning fat (or you’ll just look emaciated, depending on genetics). In this article, we’ll talk nutrition; but don’t skip back day at the gym.

Diet tips to get rid of back fat

1. Get in a calorie deficit

The most fit people in the world track how many calories that go into their bodies every single day. Based on their current weight, their activity levels, and their goals, these folks know exactly how many calories they want to consume daily and what sorts of macronutrients their meals will consist of, too.

A good rule of thumb for calorie counting goes like this: reducing daily intake by 400-500 calories should net a 1 to 2 pound weight loss per week. But cutting calories only works if the intake is positive for the body — you can’t rob yourself of calories but pump yourself full of sugar and expect a miracle. In fact, you’ll probably get fatter and feel worse.

2. Monitor sodium intake

Not all calories are created, and not all salt is created the same, either. If your regularly eat super-salty foods seasoned in restaurants or dripping in bad fats, you’re probably bloating. And whenever you’re holding on to too much water, there’s a good chance it will accumulate on the back, stomach, and hips.

First of all, cut out ALL processed foods for at least one month. Your body is begging for a refresh. And when seasoning your food, opt for a natural sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. Check out our write-up HERE on alternative salts and how they impact your body.

3. Drink more water…way more water

Did you know that often when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually just thirsty? Drinking more water will improve every single aspect of your health with absolutely zero downsides. You’ll feel better, sleep better, and lose weight easier. You’ll also preserve better organ function and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

And if you’ve been eating too many processed foods (sodas, fast foods, or basically anything that comes in a package), the water will help flush out the unneeded sodium and sugar in your bloodstream. Simply put, if you want to lose back fat (or any other kind of fat for that matter), you absolutely have to be hydrated. Full stop.

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