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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Extra Halloween Candy Is Donating It

Halloween candy has been a staple of the spooky season for well-over 100 years. But the types of candy (and the sheer volume of it) that we get has drastically changed lately.

What started as a holiday featuring treats of fruits and nuts turned into the ‘trickery’ of modern, processed, deeply unhealthy candy. A little candy as a treat is fun, of course. On halloween, you get to enjoy some nostalgia from your own childhood as you pick through the candy your kids bring home. But soon after, you realize you have way more than you can eat — or would want to eat. 

And lest we forget all of the food, treats, and alcohol coming up during the holiday season. As a result, you may be looking for a way to get rid of the Halloween candy without simply throwing it away. Here are some things you can do with the leftovers… without eating it all! 

Donate It! 

There are several foundations that accept candy after Halloween. Pick one, create little gift bags (or a big gift basket) with cards and candy, and send it off! An enriching activity your whole family can enjoy; plus, it’s a great way to spread some cheer and get the candy out of the house. 

Treats for Troops: Soldiers’ Angels provides aid, comfort, and resources to the military, veterans, and their families. They run a candy collection program during the holidays and send the collected candy to service members and veterans.

Operation Shoebox: This non-profit organization collects leftover Halloween candy and sends it in a care package to deployed troops all over the world. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities: RMHC provides homes for families that travel for their children’s hospital treatments. While they don’t have a universal Halloween candy donation program, many of their local chapters do! You can contact your local chapter to confirm. 

Halloween Candy Buy Back: While this isn’t a donation, many businesses like dentists’ offices will buy candy back and donate it to deployed troops overseas.

Repurpose Your Candy

If you feel like you don’t have enough to donate, or you’d like another idea, you can always repurpose Halloween candy! Turn it into a science experiment, or save it for later in the freezer as a treat every once in a while. 

Regardless of what you do with your leftover candy, just know that you don’t have to keep it around if it stresses you out. And you definitely don’t have to eat it all.

Donating is easier than ever, as each of these organizations provides detailed information on their websites on how to send your candy in. Not to mention these science experiments are great learning experiences for kids (and adults)!

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