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Denmark Bans Covid-19 Vaccine For Most Citizens Under 50

The country of Denmark has banned the COVID-19 vaccine for most people under 50, according to the Danish Health Authority. Denmark had already banned the jab for most children under 18 in recent months.

Health officials spoke plainly (and logically) regarding the purpose of vaccines, mentioning how medical and social overreach has tried to redefine the medical instruments.

“Therefore, people at the highest risk of of becoming severely ill will be offered booster vaccination,” the Danish Health Authority says. “The purpose of vaccination is not to prevent infection with COVID-19, and people under 50 are therefore currently not being offered booster vaccination.”

People under 50 are not being offered the vaccination because they are not at high risk for hospitalization or death.

“In addition, younger people aged under 50 are well protected against becoming severely ill from COVID-19, as a very large number of them have already been vaccinated and have previously been infected with COVID-19, and there is consequently good immunity among this [population group].”

Only Danes with compromised immune systems or those working in healthcare or with the elderly can receive further vaccination, if they are under 50 years old.

Denmark and other European countries are changing their COVID-19 vaccine guidance, so why are countries like Canada doubling down?

Independent journalist Alex Berenson said that the ban comes despite “large waves of COVID” expected to come this winter in Europe — proof positive that the virus just isn’t worth all of the bureaucratic fuss.

“In other words, the health authority is not stopping shots because COVID has ended. It now believes most people are better off getting the coronavirus than taking more mRNA,” Berenson wrote. The Danish announcement comes as other countries have slowly made similar moves to back off of the vaccine mandates.

In the UK, doctors can no longer give the vaccine to children under 12, after admitting they don’t need it. The UK government also released a report stating that pregnant and breastfeeding women should under no circumstance get the Pfizer COVID vaccine due to a lack of trial data on the vaccine’s effect on reproductive health. In the U.S., you get fact checked and censored for giving anything other than glowing reviews of Big Pharma these days.

Leading the charge in terms of medical demands, though, is Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently said he might impose more COVID restrictions this winter unless 80-90% of the population gets “up-to-date” vaccinations.

In other words, your medical future largely depends on the government you have voted in place. Even as some of those governments come to their senses and ease the COVID-19 bullying, others are doubling down on their rhetoric, despite losing the science battle more and more each day.

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