Danny Bonaduce Reveals Mysterious Illness Left Him Struggling To Speak, Walk

Partridge Family star Danny Bonaduce has been struggling with a mystery illness since April. It left him foggy brained and unable to speak or walk. He still hasn’t received a diagnosis. Bonaduce went on Good Morning America to talk about his ongoing health battle.

“I couldn’t walk at all. I couldn’t balance. I couldn’t do anything like that.”

Danny Bonaduce Needed His Wife’s Input To Realize His Symptoms

It was Bonaduce’s wife, Amy, who first became aware of his symptoms. She told him that his speech was off.

“She looked really nervous,” the former child star told GMA. “And she [said], ‘you’re not saying words. You’re not speaking English.’ Which of course, is preposterous to me. And we called an ambulance, and they took me to the hospital, where I remained for the first five days. And I remember very little of it.”

Danny Bonaduce took to Instagram to inform his fans about what was going on. Up until his symptoms, he was co-hosting a radio show on iHeart Radio. The Danny Bonaduce and Sarah Morning Show has been ongoing since 2011. He just returned to the show after a two-month hiatus.

“A bit of news to share — I’m taking a temporary medical leave from my radio show.” Bonaduce wrote on Instagram. “I’ll share more when I know more, as I’m still working towards receiving a diagnosis. What I do know is I need some time to focus on my health right now. I love my job and talking to you guys and I’ll be back on the air very soon. Charlie Chaplin, Willy Wonka, Danny Bonaduce. I’ve joined the club of cool guys with canes.”

Bonaduce told GMA that he immediately thought that he’d suffered a stroke, but the doctors ruled that out after looking at his X-ray. Further, his father had suffered a stroke and Bonaduce recalled witnessing similar symptoms.

“I was hoping for a diagnosis, but did not get one,” Bonaduce said.

When asked what message he wanted to share, Bonaduce replied that he never anticipated his illness. He told fans to “take time to consider your health, what you’re doing. Pay attention.”

“Take time to consider your health,… Pay attention.”

Yahoo News reports that Bonaduce used to struggle with substance abuse although he got sober a long time ago. Bonaduce attributes his sobriety to the help and support of former Partridge Family co-star, David Cassidy. Cassidy also used to struggle with substance abuse and eventually died of alcohol-related causes.

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