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Move Over Botox: Cosmetic Acupuncture Is The Needling You Never Knew You Needed

A new beauty treatment is taking the holiday season by storm, but it’s actually a very old technique. Women (and men) are turning to cosmetic acupuncture to give their face a vibrant lift.

Despite using a needle, cosmetic acupuncture, also called facial rejuvenation acupuncture, is considered non-invasive because it is not injecting any products into the skin. People looking for a natural substitute for Botox are giving it a try, claiming it smooths fine lines, tones skin, and increases collagen production.

Now let’s be clear, acupuncture has been around for thousands of years as part of traditional Chinese medicine. But only recently has it become popular as a facial treatment. The acupuncture needles have long been accepted as a method of alleviating stress and pain through stimulating the nervous system and opening energy meridians; and now the beauty industry is co-opting the experience for purely aesthetic purposes.

A full course of cosmetic acupuncture feels a bit like a Botox appointment, but typically incorporates more of a facial than you would get with your average injection. The procedure starts with gently cleansing the skin, then exfoliating it, and then applying the needles. Dozens of needles. Not for the squeamish; think of all the little pricks you feel in a Botox session, then remind yourself that it’s the same amount of needles being stuck into your face. Once the needles are removed, a mask is often applied followed by facial rolling.

Back to those needles. You can expect about fifty, although you probably won’t see them, or feel them really. Acupuncture needles are extremely fine — so fine that they are virtually painless. Many people even come to find them relaxing. They work by targeting specific muscles in the face and creating tiny holes which the body will repair by replacing it with new collagen.

The process also increases circulation and oxygen supply to the skin. A progression from traditional acupuncture, the procedure also encourages the production of elastin fibers which helps improve firmness and elasticity. Holistic practitioners who may offer this type of treatment also claim the micro-wounds offer added benefits, compared to Botox. This healing process has a longer-term impact because it is promoting internal healing instead of simply paralyzing muscles.

To be fair, there are other differences which require planning if you are considering cosmetic acupuncture. While it can lift and firm skin, it is not as quick as Botox: you can expect to see the full effect of a botox treatment in a few days, but the acupuncture method takes more time because it involves healing. Patients will likely feel toned and have a healthy glow that you would get with a comprehensive facial, but it gets better over time. It’s also recommended that people undergo a series of four or more acupuncture sessions to really see results.

Then again, Botox requires regular visits as well to stay uplifted, too. The point is, if you’re looking for a healthier option to facial injections, then cosmetic acupuncture might be the needling you never knew you needed.

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