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One Cool Way To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercise

Deliberate cold exposure has gained much popularity over the past couple of years, and for good reason. Whether you are talking about cryotherapy, cold showers, or full-on, Scandanavian-style dunking into a frozen lake, cold therapy has been shown to help burn fat, decrease inflammation, and may even support longevity. 

Then there are also the mental benefits associated with deliberately doing something uncomfortable and using your breath to stay in control throughout the experience. When paired with the appropriate breathwork, deliberate cold exposure can be a great way to train mental resiliency and fortitude. 

But according to a new study, we may just be scratching the surface of all the potential use cases for embracing the cold. It turns out that shivering upon repeated short exposures to the cold can improve glucose tolerance, decrease fasting blood glucose and lipid levels, and noticeably reduce blood pressure. 

The study specifically looked at adults that were already obese or overweight, but as one of the researchers pointed out, “The results are highly promising and may eventually suggest an alternative treatment or preventative measure for type 2 diabetes.”

In the study, participants wore a water-perfused suit to cool down their body temperature to the point where they shivered for one hour. The bouts of cold were administered daily for ten days and led 85% of participants to show a significant drop in fasting glucose, an average 32% drop in lipid levels, and an 8% average drop in blood pressure.

One hour of shivering sounds brutal, but imagine there being a non-pharmaceutical way of getting those biomarker improvements in just ten days. Sounds pretty promising.

The key takeaway? Diabetes and obesity are enormous problems for us in the U.S. While lifestyle factors like a healthy diet and regular exercise are the key to keeping these conditions at bay, it does seem like deliberate cold exposure could help as well.

And for people already overweight or obese, it is promising to find solutions that could help jumpstart their journey toward better health. Cold exposure should never replace lifestyle changes for anyone looking to improve their health, but it could be another tool to help move them along in the right direction.

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