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Stop Buying Chemical Bath Salts! Try Our (Way Better) Herbal Salts Recipe, Instead

It’s funny — many “herbal” or “holistic” remedies that naysayers want to cast aside as “woo-woo” medicine have been a cornerstone of various cultural health regiments for centuries. Bath salts, for example, have long helped relax achy muscles, detoxify the body, and reduce inflammation. Many users also report calming mental health effects, and smoother skin afterwards. But hey, if you want to go buy a chemical cream to ease your joint pain after a long day, be my guest.

For the more adventurous among us, may I suggest making your own bath salts? Not only will the final product rise significantly above anything you’ll find in a plastic container, but you’ll also get to oversee the ingredient list and tweak it to your exact specifications.

No doubt a cup of Epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils will do the trick in a pinch. However, this relaxing bath salt & soak recipe will astound you in its holistic wellness and aromatic luxury.

Note: the flower pedals are optional — chamomile, rose, and lavender work wonderfully, but picking out pedals from a bathtub isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. A muslin bag works well to steep them without the need for clean up.

Our Herbal Bath Salts recipe has only 7 ingredients

2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

5 drops cedarwood essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops eucalyptus essential oil

2.5 cups Epsom salt

1.5 cups Himalayan pink salt

.5 cups baking soda

In a bowl, combine all of the oils (almond and essential) and mix thoroughly. Add the salts and flowers to a large jar or air-tight container you won’t mind leaving in your bathroom. Add the oils to the salt mix, then mix thoroughly. The final product should feel like wet sand — but it will smell incredible.

When you’re ready for a bath, add a few small scoops to the hot water and move it around until it dissolves (a small wooden spoon works well as a chic scooper in your jar). A jucuuzi tub is great because it will mix up the salts for you, but it isn’t required. Light a candle, grab a book, and enjoy!

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