CDC Quietly Ends Universal Masking Guidance For Health Facilities

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly changed their masking guidance late last week. According to their own website, the CDC no longer recommends masking in health care settings unless the spread of COVID-19 is extremely high.

“Updates were made to reflect the high levels of vaccine-and infection-induced immunity and the availability of effective treatments and prevention tools,” the CDC’s new guidance says. The change marks a major departure from the agency’s longstanding policy recommending masking in doctor’s offices and hospitals, regardless of health or vax status.

Now, the CDC says “facilities in regions without high transmission can choose not to require” all doctors, patients, and visitors to mask.

“[Community transmission] is the metric currently recommended to guide select practices in healthcare settings to allow for earlier intervention, before there is strain on the healthcare system and to better protect the individuals seeking care in these settings,” the CDC said. This metric “place an emphasis on measures of the impact of COVID-19 in terms of hospitalizations and healthcare system strain, while accounting for transmission in the community,” the org continued. 

Currently, just 7 percent of U.S. counties are considered high risk for transmission, while nearly 62 percent of counties are considered low risk.

During times of high transmission, masking is recommended for everyone in a health care setting where they could encounter patients. But personal spaces for medical personnel (like staff meeting rooms or board rooms) no longer need masking requirements, even in times of high transmission according to the CDC.

So if you’re keeping score at home, COVID-19 guidance continues to roll out without rhyme, reason, or scientific backing. Between vaccine mandates, lockdowns, masking requirements, and school closures (all for a seasonal virus that is non-deadly for 99% of the population), the “pandemic” has been an incredible display of bureaucratic muscle overpowering common sense. And now, almost two years later, the greatest medical bureaucracy of them all has essentially changed their zealot-like masking guidance without much rhyme or reason. But hey, what else is new?

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