Four Simple Alternatives to Mosquito Repellent That Do Not Involve DEET

As you go outside this summer, the mosquitoes are sure to bite you. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to repel them without using DEET.

Don’t worry, this advice won’t be just “don’t go outside if there are a lot of mosquitoes around.” That defeats the whole purpose of summer, when you want to be outside enjoying the weather, no?

Here are four easy substitutes for mosquito repellent:

Wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, socks and shoes — no sandals. 

Tennis shoes are better than sandals because you don’t expose your feet. Light color clothes are better than dark clothes when it comes to not attracting most bugs.

Use a fan.

If you have an outlet and you’re on a porch or deck, plug it in and use it. The mosquitoes don’t like to fly into the strong air currents.

Yellow bug lights really do work

Yes, according to, they deter mosquitoes at dusk and in the evening hours. That is a win.

Citronella candles will work (a little bit) 

Though they won’t make the huge difference you think.

In the final analysis, repellents with DEET are the most effective if you are doing woodsy outdoors kind of stuff. A lot of people worry about the negative health consequences of DEET. But there’s nothing really that works as well as using a DEET-based insect repellent.

Are you’re concerned about mosquitos carrying the Zika virus this summer? The key is to have a repellent that actually works and to apply it correctly.

Consumer Reports recommends repellents that have 30% DEET. Among those listed by the magazine as good choices are:

Keep in mind that these products should not be used on infants younger than two months. And be sure to follow the EPA guidelines about using insect repellents safely and effectively.

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