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Beauty Tips From The 1960s That Shouldn’t Make A Comeback

The most popular vintage beauty looks of the early 1960s usually consisted of long thick eyelashes, winged eyeliner, cool-toned eye shadows, and matte skin with a subtle lip. Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Twiggy, to name a few, set the standards of beauty in an age that moved significantly from beginning of the decade to the end.

Many of the era’s looks have stood the test of the time, and some have made comebacks; but others should stay in the past, according to the experts. From baby doll-like lashes to slimming machines, these beauty trends will seem ridiculous today if they ever made a comeback.

Put your hair in a beehive and keep reading for our favorite vintage beauty tips that don’t ever need to make a comeback.

Doll-like lashes

Blame Twiggy for this one: over-the-top eye lashes began in the 1960s as a result of the popular ‘cat eye’ makeup routine. Women would apply liquid liner lashes to the bottom of their eyes and then coat it heavily with mascara to achieve that super dark look. To do so today would stick out like a sore thumb; and you’d probably only see it on Halloween.

Insanely Voluminous Hair

The 1980s get a bad rap as the decade with the most hairspray, but the 1960s were the real culprits for overly sprayed hair. As Dolly Parton once said, “the higher the hair, the closer to God,” and many women of the era believed it. The giant bob haircuts of the era are a dead giveaway of the times, and are likely the first thing a woman will perfect when trying to recreate a 1950s/1960s hair style for a costume party.

Soap and water to remove makeup

Precise, multi-step nighttime routines didn’t really exist back then like they do now. In the 60s, it was common for women to simply use a bar of soap and water to wash off their makeup and cleanse their skin. For women today, that just sounds harsh and unpleasant when trying to take off makeup.

Cool-toned eyeshadow

As part of the cat eye routine, women of the era would add dark eye shadows in the blue and grey family to their heavily-mascara’d liquid lashes. For those who don’t know, most eye shadow routines today opt for the exact opposite: brighter tones that bring warmth and color to the face. Golds, browns, and reds are more flattering and more inviting.

Ironing hair

Long before hair straighteners or Dyson blow dryers became available, women actually ironed their hair against an ironing board. If you have any family who lived through this decade, ask them if they ever ironed their hair with a clothing iron — and ask them if they ever burned their ear, too.

Slimming machines

One of the multiple exercise machines of the era (though many originated decades before) was supposed to slim a women’s waist and tone their stomachs and thighs. A precursor to the home fitness industry, the vibrating band promised great results without having to do any effort. Did they actually cause any weight loss? Probably not. But the intense vibration would have moved enough blood to the area to cause some snapping of the skin, giving the impression of tighter, more toned muscle.

Did we forget any vintage beauty trends that should probably stay in the past? Let us know on Instagram.

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