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Avocado Oil Mayonnaise Will Change Your Life

Did you know mayonnaise, not ketchup, is routinely the best-selling condiment in America? The high-fat concoction of eggs, vinegar, oil, and spices makes a decadent addition to sandwiches, burgers, and all sorts of exotic sauces.

And truthfully, it’s a good thing that Americans love mayo so much — at least, it could be a good thing, if we started caring about ingredients as much as we care about flavor. You see, mayo has caught a bad rap over the years thanks to the misinformation surrounding terms like “low fat” that steer consumers away from good lipids and more towards sugary, high-carb substitutes.

So as a result, truly healthy condiments like mayonnaise require marketing towards decadency and “cheating;” when in actuality, it should be a welcomed addition to any healthy diet. Why? Because it adds some vibrancy and variety to the plate without derailing the macronutrient (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) profile.

Of course, because the American food business would always prefer to preserve profits over health, most mayo manufacturers commit the mortal sin of pumping their product full of vegetable or seed oils instead of high-quality fats. When your mayo comes chocked full of these disruptive oils, an otherwise balanced lipid and protein snack all of a sudden does become that worthless “cheat” condiment that the public already perceives it to be. The entire self-fulfilling prophecy could be avoided by just whipping the delicious mayonnaise with a high-quality oil and then telling consumers the truth about their product: eat more mayo, it’s good for you! Seriously, we’re not kidding!

Avocado oil mayonnaise makes the best tuna salad

It just so happens that one of the healthiest, most delicious, most versatile fruits on the planet also secretes a perfectly balanced oil. Enter…the avocado.

Avocado oil provides a litany of incredible health benefits, from lowering cholesterol to stimulating weight loss. The vegan baking community also already knows that avocados can substitute in recipes for all sorts of unhealthy ingredients, like vegetable oil (obviously) and even traditional flour.

It’s a wondrous fruit (fruits have seeds, veggies do not) that also expels a fantastic oil for cooking and baking. You can use avocado oil for pan-frying (just be careful with higher heats — avo oil doesn’t have the high smoke point as seed oils), emulsifying salad dressings, whipping complex sauces, and building America’s most popular condiment — mayonnaise.

There’s also no loss of flavor or consistency with avocado oil mayo. Many people actually think it’s creamier and richer than the mass-produced seed oil alternatives. Here’s one of our favorite brands of avocado oil mayonnaise to try.

My personal favorite way to enjoy avocado oil mayo these days is to made a high-calorie, high-protein tuna salad, filled with good fats. The non-processed richness of the avocado mayo cuts through the fishiness of the tuna better than any cheaper alternative I’ve ever tried. Of course, take the time to research good tuna brands and find something wild caught if possible. I like to add a few extra dashes of red wine vinegar to lend more flavor to the the celery, carrot, or cucumber I use. Capers, relish, some mustard (which is anti-inflammatory), and hot sauce takes it to another level. You can also turn the snack into a calorie-dense post workout bulking meal if you’re trying to gain weight. Just add some good carbs like sweet potato pasta. Boom, you just got healthier by eating mayonnaise.

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