Ask The Experts: How Do I Get Better at Pushups (Today)?

If you want to get better at pushups (or any exercise move, for that matter), the way to do it is gradually increase the stress you put on your muscles, often by increasing your load or the amount of time your muscles spend under tension.

In the case of pushups, you’ll want to continually challenge yourself while performing upper-body pushing movements and core work. 

If you are not able to do a pushup, don’t fret, start from your knees!

Build up to three to four sets of 12 knee push ups three times per week. Once they feel easy, you’re ready to get those knees up off the floor.

Core strength is key to doing pushups. If your core is not strong it will be very challenging for you to be able to do a good pushup, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE). That being said, if you really want to up your pushup game, core work is a necessity.

So, to do that, work on building your planks up to at least 30- to 60-seconds and incorporate about three sets into your workouts a few times a week. 

Push ups will help you improve your upper-body and core strength and stability, your posture will improve, your cardiovascular health could even get a boost and your confidence will increase.

They also don’t  require any additional equipment and they are super effective. So get on the ground and start pushing 🙂

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