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Your ‘Morning Routine’ May Be Putting You Back To Sleep, Not Waking You Up

Think a hot shower will help you get up and go in the mornings?

Not so fast. Research shows that exposing your body to warm temperatures, such as the hot water in your shower or bath, then emerging into cooler air is actually effective at relaxing the body, not energizing it.

And, according to Entrepreneur, doctors recommend evening showers to patients who have trouble sleeping.

But if you’ve always showered in the mornings and don’t want to change your routine, try this simple trick. After getting good and clean, spend 90 extra seconds in the shower:

  • 30 seconds: Stand under the coldest water your shower can produce (and feel free to shriek!)
  • 30 seconds: Stand under the hottest water you can handle
  • 30 seconds: Stand under that icy cold water again — always end on cold

Entrepreneur contributor Phil Dumontet says this practice, known as hot and cold hydrotherapy, has a number of proven health benefits. Exposure to cold, cold water can strengthen your immune system, improve blood circulation, reduce stress and depression, and help your body burn fat — no gym required!

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Give it a try and see if it helps you start your day on the right foot!

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